About Judicial Institute

Seattle University School of Law is proud to partner with the Judicial Institute.

As a law school committed to advancing justice and equality, we actively work to support the Judicial Institute’s mission of bringing diversity to Washington state’s judiciary. As one of the most diverse law schools in the nation, Seattle U Law graduates lawyers who reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of our communities and who we hope will bring their unique experiences and perspectives to the judiciary in the future.  

About the partnership

The Judicial Institute and Seattle University School of Law have joined together in creating this collaborative relationship to produce and deliver the Judicial Institute’s biannual, two-day Judicial Fellows Clinic. In creating this partnership, Seattle University School of Law and the Judicial Institute are establishing the foundation for a relationship that furthers the goals and mission of both organizations.

For more information, visit judicialinstitutewa.org.

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Lori Lamb
Senior Administrative Assistant