Domestic Violence (DV)

The Family Law Center provides legal advocacy in domestic violence cases. Through our practicum, Center faculty and Seattle U Law students assist in the preparation, filing, and representation at ex parte hearings and return hearings for Domestic Violence Protection Orders. We have capacity to take cases during the semester and commit to seeing these cases through the return hearing even after the semester has ended. Students work under the direct supervision of a licensed attorney.

We provide legal support, but not direct legal representation, through our Domestic Violence Protection Order clinic. In this online clinic, students assist pro se petitioners with their domestic violence protection order petitions. We provide a review of the completed petition in which students work with petitioners to achieve completeness and accuracy with final approval from a supervising attorney. Petitioners can "hire" an intern through LegalAtoms.

We also provide policy advocacy by supporting other organizations with amici briefs and conduct research in this area for the prevention of domestic violence and creation of more effective laws.

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Deirdre M. Bowen, J.D., Ph.D.
Director, Family Law Center
Moccasin Lake Foundation Endowed Chair
Professor of Law

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