Interviews are most effective when they are a two-way dialogue: the interviewer is learning about you, and you are gathering information to help you make an informed career decision. Use the various resources available to research the employer and consider how to present your qualifications in the best light possible. Be sure that you fully understand the potential employer's practice areas in the office for which you are interviewing, and be prepared to explain your interest in working specifically for that firm or organization.

General interview tips

Several resources are available to help you learn about the employer, the practice areas available in your preferred office, and your interviewer(s). In addition to the employer’s website, be sure to review the NALP Directory of Legal Employers, a resource updated annually by law firm members that will provide you with a breakdown on lawyer demographics, practice areas, compensation and benefits, pro bono, diversity, and more. Information about public interest and government employers can be found in PSJD, a NALP Initiative. You will be required to create an account for PSJD, but as an SU student or alumni the resource is free for you.  

For in-person and virtual interviews, be sure to prepare four to six thoughtful and intelligent questions for your interviewer(s).

Draft a thank you email within 24 hours of your interview. Send it to each person with whom you interviewed and personalize each one. See Sample thank you emails (PDF).

Mock interviews with CPD

Schedule a mock interview with a Center for Professional Development (CPD) counselor at any time during the year. We can help you practice responding to general and behavioral interview questions and feel confident and prepared! Contact your career counselor directly to schedule a time to meet, or email to request a mock interview.

Mock interview programs for students

The key to receiving a job offer is establishing a rapport with the interviewer(s), and intelligently explaining your credentials in an interview. Fortunately, this is a learned skill. Take advantage of CPD’s Alumni Mock Interview Program, where you will be paired with Seattle University School of Law alumni to practice your interviewing skills, gain valuable feedback, and make connections with established local practitioners. The Alumni Mock Interview Program typically takes place in mid-summer, prior to the start of On-Campus Interviews.

CPD also coordinates a 1L Diversity Mock Interview Program in January, which is designed to help prepare first-year students for diversity fellowship interviews during January and February.

Contact CPD

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