Seattle University School of Law is an integral part of the Greater Puget Sound legal community. We offer a range of opportunities and resources to support the region’s thriving network of legal professionals, including lawyers, judges, and support personnel.

Find legal talent

Looking to fill a position? Let us connect you to one of our many highly-capable and sought-after graduates. With knowledgeable career services staff and a comprehensive, year-round on-campus interview program, we are here to support you.

Enhance your legal skills

Give your career a boost by pursuing a graduate law degree with Seattle U Law. We offer a range of Master of Laws (LLM) and Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degrees to help you gain valuable knowledge.

Work with our Centers

Support the work of our faculty-led centers and projects, which focus on legal areas such as Indian law, corporate law, homeless rights, access to justice, and more.

In the News

From ‘Fish Wars’ to legal triumph: The Boldt Decision, 50 years later

FOX 13 Seattle

50 years after the Boldt Decision, FOX 13 interviewed Brooke Pinkham about the monumental ruling that upheld treaty rights.

Court Hears Case On Federal Agencies’ Regulatory Power

OSV News

Professor John Kirkwood spoke to OSV News about two Supreme Court cases that could undo the "Chevron deference."

WA suit to block Kroger-Albertsons merger gets cheers, raised eyebrows

The Seattle Times

Professor John Kirkwood spoke to The Seattle Times about Attorney General Ferguson's suit over the Kroger-Albertsons merger.

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