Volunteer to supervise a rule 9 student

Supervise a rule 9 student in either our applied family law or domestic violence practicums by becoming an affiliated faculty member. Supervising attorneys must commit to meeting with students online once a week for an hour and more as the case demands throughout the course of the semester. Supervisors receive a stipend and are compensated post-semester for any remaining elements in the supervisory case.

Interested? Email familylawcenter@seattleu.edu.

Volunteer to be an on-call attorney

Volunteer to be an on-call attorney in our DVPO online clinic. Here, you will be in close contact with volunteer students to review redacted petitions that students have assisted petitioners with. You offer a review and flag any outstanding errors or identify ways that petitioners might enhance their statements. We do not represent petitioners at this stage—we only assist. You have the option of identifying days that students are welcome to contact you and you are always free to decline to review a petition.

Interested? Email familylawcenter@seattleu.edu.

Contact us

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Director, Family Law Center
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Professor of Law

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