Who we are

Incarcerated Mothers Advocacy Project (IMAP) is a coalition of law students, attorneys, social service providers, and formerly incarcerated women who seek to change the rights afforded incarcerated and previously incarcerated women in Washington.


  • WE BELIEVE that increasing access to legal information and resources for parents is crucial to reclaiming self-determination and dignity for people who have been directly impacted by the Prison Industrial Complex.
  • WE BELIEVE that the Prison Industrial Complex and the Child Welfare System guide harmful and dehumanizing conceptions of parenthood, histories, survival, health, and trauma.
  • WE BELIEVE that a broader understanding of the current criminal justice system is necessary because the current system perpetuates the oppression of marginalized groups, specifically people with low-income, women, and people of color.

These principles were established by attorney and law student IMAP members, and are held firm by all members as we continue to work on issues faced by incarcerated women.

Services we provide

IMAP supports incarcerated women by providing legal information on family law and dependency issues, and connecting parents to outside resources. IMAP offers monthly prison presentations at Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women, and monthly presentations and office hours at Washington Corrections Center for Women. IMAP also works to connect community providers, such as parent, chemical dependency, and domestic violence advocates and experts to incarcerated women by hosting a series of classes and trainings at our prison sites.

Contact us

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