The Access to Justice Institute prepares students for a lifetime in law in furtherance of social justice. We believe that the best way to develop lawyering skills, understand community needs, connect classroom learning to real-world problems, and meet practicing attorneys is to get hands-on experience doing social justice work.

Through ATJI, Seattle U Law students can find ways to get involved not only within the walls of Sullivan Hall, such as ATJI Partnership Projects and Student-Initiated Pro Bono Projects, but also in the larger equal justice community.

What is Pro Bono?

This term typically refers to activities performed voluntarily and free of charge to help people of limited means (from the Latin pro bono publico, or "for the public good").

Common examples of Pro Bono work include:

  • Volunteering as an intern at a legal services organization or government agency
  • Working with a private attorney on a case that they have taken on for free
  • Helping a volunteer attorney advise a nonprofit organization
  • Staffing a drop-in clinic with a bar association or student organization
  • Conducting know-your-rights presentations at an area community center

Benefits of Pro Bono participation

  • Gain practical, real-life experience with clients, court, and legal processes
  • Help meet critical legal needs and gain satisfaction by giving back to the community
  • Learn more about substantive legal issues
  • Connect classroom learning with real-world experience
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Network with attorneys and the legal community
  • Build your resume and make yourself more employable

Get Started

Find out how to start participating in pro bono opportunities

  1. Take the Pro Bono Pledge and aim for 100 hours of pro bono and volunteer work before you graduate. There is no commitment to start volunteering right away. Take the Pledge, then get started whenever you're ready!
  2. Participate in Pro Bono trainings offered by ATJI. Contact ATJI staff for more information.
  3. Search for Pro Bono Opportunities – more details below!

Find a Pro Bono Opportunity

  • Search public interest jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, fellowships and more:
    • ATJI’s ConnectSU portal (sign-in required)
    • Center for Professional Development’s Symplicity site
    •, a national database
  • Meet with ATJI staff – we can help you search for opportunities that best suit your interests
  • Read our e-newsletter, we regularly include pro bono listings


Other Ways to Get Involved Clinics, externships, internships, volunteer projects, Partnership Projects - the terminology can be confusing, but the goals are the same. These are all opportunities to expand your learning beyond the classroom and work directly with community members in need of assistance. Visit our Opportunities / Connection page for more information.

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