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One of law school's most critical extracurricular activities is membership in a law journal. There are many compelling reasons to join the staff of a law journal. Membership can benefit your legal career, as it will be academically enriching and impress future employers. Journal membership allows students to enhance skills development, broaden professional networks, and produce an article for publication.

Rising second-year students at Seattle University School of Law have the opportunity to apply for membership to four academically-accredited student-run journals:

The primary purpose of law journals is to publish original legal scholarship. The journals collaborate with faculty advisors and invested practitioners, but ultimately, student editors make all the editorial and organizational decisions. Thus, student editors take a rewarding role that helps to shape legal scholarship and discourse.

Each journal is designed to improve members' writing skills and research techniques while simultaneously providing an environment to instill self-discipline and analytical proficiency through the hard work required to publish quality legal scholarship. Further, each journal allows its members to develop their technical editing and writing abilities through focused workshops and other means designed to assist each member in crafting an article of publishable quality to be published alongside the work of established authors.

The journals strive to publish articles by various legal professionals, including professors, judges, and practitioners. All article submissions are subjected to a thorough editorial process designed to strengthen substance and tone.

For more information about the student-run academic journals at Seattle University School of Law, contact For more information about a specific journal at Seattle University School of Law, follow the links above to that journal’s webpage.


Membership is competitive and limited to rising second-year students selected based on an annual Write-On Competition. The journals strongly encourage all students to participate in the Write-On Competition, available at the end of the spring semester.

The Write-On Competition generally commences in April or May. Offers are generally extended a few weeks later. Each journal has a specified process for extending offers to students from the applicant pool. Orientation for new editors will generally begin in August.

Journal membership for students consists of a two-year commitment, which includes the option to receive academic credit. In the first year, student editors take a substantive role in the editing process while creating an article of publishable quality. In the second year, student editors may take leadership roles.

Write-On Competition

Rising second-year students may apply for membership in all four journals within the Write-On Competition. This competition includes one application for all four journals. Students will also have the opportunity to attend several journal information sessions with leadership from each journal.

The Write-On Competition application consists of (1) an information section, (2) a resume, (2) a cover letter, and (4) an editing section.

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