• Clinics are only open to upper-class students
  • Some clinical courses are restricted to 3L students by the governing court rule
  • Seattle U Law guarantees each student can participate in at least one clinical or externship experience.
  • Students are encouraged to take both a clinic course and an externship course before graduation, as this will enhance both their readiness for practice and their awareness of the range of opportunities available to them as lawyers.
  • In a typical semester, between 50 and 60 students enroll in clinical courses.

Important notes:

  • Students may not: take more than one clinic course in a semester or take an externship course and a clinic course in the same semester.
  • Students are welcome to sign onto any number of wait lists, but can be registered in only one clinic or externship.
  • Students may take a combination of clinical and externship courses subject to the following cap:
    • 15 credits for students with a GPA in the lower half of the class.
    • 21 credits for students with a GPA in the top half of the class
  • Students in certain clinic courses (e.g., Youth Advocacy Clinic, Re-entry Clinic) must obtain a limited license to engage in the practice of law pursuant to Rule 9 of the Washington Admission to Practice Rules. To obtain such a license:
    • a student must be in good standing
    • have completed, by the end of the semester or summer session before the course, 60 credit hours of study (full-time students), or 56 credit hours of study (part-time students).

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