Externship seminars

As part of your externship, you are required to attend and participate in seminars with faculty supervisors to gain skills knowledge and values related to your externship and to discuss and reflect on your experience. Seminars are organized around seven legal practice areas:

  • Criminal Seminar – Prosecuting Attorney's Offices and Public Defenders
  • Civil Seminar – Legal Services Organizations and other Non-profits
  • In-house/Government Seminar – In-House Counsel and Governmental Agencies *
  • Judicial Seminar – Courts and Administrative Tribunals
  • International Seminar – International Organizations and Tribunals.

*This seminar is split into two seminars: In-House Counsel Seminar and Government Attorney Seminar in summer only.

Seminars for Olympia externships+ (held only in spring in Olympia):

  • Legislative Seminar – Legislative and Lobbying Organizations

+If you do an externship in fall or spring in Olympia, you will be placed in one of the regular seminars: Criminal, Civil, In-House/Government, or Judicial.

Important notes:

  • Attendance at the day-long seminar intensive is required to earn credit so please note the date in your calendar when you fill out the externship application form.
  • ABA Standard 304(a)(5) requires all experiential learning courses to provide a means of ongoing, contemporaneous, faculty-guided reflection. Seattle University School of Law externs satisfy this requirement through attending the externship seminar. Your attendance of the mandatory intensive and the ongoing seminar blocks are required to meet to this standard for receiving credit.
  • Like any other law school course, students cannot take the same externship seminar twice. For example, if your previous externship was a criminal placement and you took the Criminal Seminar, you cannot earn credit at another criminal placement since you would need to take the Criminal Seminar again and that is not allowed.
  • You may apply to externships that fall into other seminar categories.
  • If you can’t work at a placement for credit, you can possibly apply for a Public Interest Law Foundation grant or volunteer.

When should I start applying to externships? Is there a deadline?

It is best to apply for externships about 3 to 5 months before the start of the semester. Here are a few things to be aware of.

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