Conflicts of interest

  • As a functioning law office, the clinic must comply with all rules governing conflicts of interest.
  • Because the clinic is a single entity law firm, any student enrolling in any clinic course must be screened for conflicts with respect to any of the clinic’s work.
  • Thus, no student can enroll in any clinical course while also working (in any capacity, for pay or not) for an organization which is adverse to any of the clinic’s clients.
  • Every student considering enrollment in a clinic course should read the policy on conflicts related to outside employment and check with the Clinic Director if you think there may be a possible conflict.

Serving limited English proficient clients

  • The clinic is committed to providing high-quality services to all clients without regard to proficiency in English.
  • Read our policy on services for limited English proficient clients
  • This policy is intended to address language assistance needs of clients who are not proficient in English, including organizational clients.
  • The clinic and its students, faculty, and staff have an obligation to identify barriers to representation of individual clients on the basis of language and to affirmatively take steps to overcome them.


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