Public Interest & Social Justice

Seattle University School of Law offers a range of programming and support for students and law school community members to deepen their understanding of social justice issues and build careers in public interest. Whether you want to learn about substantive issues impacting our community, connect to attorneys practicing public interest law, or foster a social justice-minded community within the law school, ATJI is there to help!

Explore Career Options

In collaboration with the Center for Professional Development, ATJI provides resources to educate you about the ways you can get involved in public interest law-related work and provide you with the tools and skills you need to locate and secure these opportunities. Visit our Explore Career Options page.

Fund Your Passion

Public interest and social justice internships are rewarding and fulfilling in many ways, but are often unpaid. You might need funding and support to finance the work you are most passionate about. Visit our Fund Your Passion page for funding programs and ideas.

Connect to the Public Interest & Social Justice Community

ATJI serves as a connection point to justice-minded communities, both within the law school and outside of our walls. Visit our Connect page to learn about ways you can build community with others who are engaging in social justice work.

Programs, Events & Trainings

ATJI offers countless ways for students and the law school community to deepen their understanding of social justice issues. Visit our Programs page to learn more.

Incubator & Solo Initiative

ATJI coordinates CLEs, workshops, and the Incubator Program to assist alumni starting their own solo practices or small firms aimed at serving the moderate means client community. Visit our Incubator page.

Post-Graduate Fellowships

Post-graduate public interest fellowships are an excellent way to engage in and explore public service work. For more info, please visit our Fellowships page.