For all listed activities, email the Registrar to request registration.

Dispute Resolution Competition

  • Participants receive a maximum 1 hour of academic credit for competing in at least the regional level of a nationally recognized dispute resolution competition
  • Students are registered when faculty advisor provides written certification
  • No student may receive academic credits for both dispute resolution and moot court competitions.

Law Review

  • Law Review members must be selected, based either on class rank after the first year or by an article submission to the editorial board.
  • Law Review credits must be applied in the academic year in which they are earned, but you may choose either fall or spring semester.

Moot Court

  • Participants receive the following ungraded academic credit depending on their participation level in at least the regional level of a nationally recognized moot court competition
    • 2 hours for both submitting a brief and making an oral presentation
    • 1 hour for submitting a brief or making an oral presentation (not both)
  • Faculty advisor must certify participant’s satisfactory completion of duties.
  • Students may not receive more than 2 credits for moot court, and no credit is given for participating in more than one moot court competition.
  • Ordinarily, students must register for moot court credits in the semester in which the credit is earned.
  • If a student decides to participate in moot court after registration has closed in a given semester, students may register belatedly for that credit in the current semester or receive it in the next fall or spring semester.
  • If the student does not receive credit at that date, the student shall have no further entitlement to receive the credit and may not apply for it.

Seattle Journal for Social Justice

  • Two-year commitment required for members, who must be current law students in good standing.
  • Members are initially selected at the end of their first year.
  • After one year of service, members may apply to serve on the Board of Editors in their second year.
  • No person may serve who is also a present member of Law Review.
  • No person may serve as either Editor-in-Chief or Managing Editor who is completing a full-time (or substantially full-time) externship.
  • Academic credit (must be applied in the year in which it is earned):
    • 1 hour for members
    • 3 hours for producing a published note or comment
    • 3 hours for 3L/4L students who serve as board members
    • 4 hours for students with senior editorial positions

Seattle Journal of Technology, Environmental & Innovation Law

  • Two-year commitment required for members, who must be current law students in good standing.
  • Rising 2L, 3L and 4L students are selected through the write-on competition.
  • Members may apply to serve on the board during their last year of school.
  • Students may apply credit(s) in either fall or spring semesters of the academic year in which credit(s) are earned.

Contact the registrar

Phone: 206-398-4150

Registrar hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Hours are subject to change during exams, holidays, and summer session. Changes will be posted outside of the entrance to the Administrative Offices.

A drop box is located to the left of the Administrative Office doors for after-hours correspondence.