2023-24 Academic Year

Pre-Enrollment Costs

Prior to enrollment, you can expect the following financial obligations:

  • Application Fee. Apply for free online at the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) website until February 1! After February 1, the $65 fee accompanies your initial application for admission. It is a processing charge and is nonrefundable.
  • Tuition Deposit. This $250 nonrefundable deposit is applied to your first semester's tuition and ensures you a place in the entering class. The deposit is due on the date stated in your admission letter. A second $250 nonrefundable deposit is due by June 1 for admitted students starting fall term.


Important Considerations:

  • Payable per term
  • Tuition is set for first-year students; see First-Year Cost of Attendance (PDF) for a breakdown of costs
  • Future tuition may vary depending on number of credits taken per term
  • Does not include costs such as: books, room/board, transportation, and other living expenses (see Cost of Attendance below)
  • Payment plans may be organized through the Business Office
  • You should plan for tuition to increase each year during your law school career

Administrative Tuition Credit

  • If you are required to take one or two credits above the required 90 credits as a result of your schedule, the Registrar may grant an administrative tuition credit at the time of validation.
  • If approved, the student would then be charged tuition for only the number of credits taken up to 90.
  • Be advised that such credits may impact your financial aid eligibility.
  • We do not grant this credit to enable students to take additional courses beyond the required 90 credits.
Tuition: Juris Doctor (JD), Master of Laws (LLM), Master of Legal Studies (MLS)
Program Tuition (per credit)
JD $1,878 (full-time $56,340)
LLM $1,878
On-campus MLS $1,399
Online MLS $1,399
SJD See table below
Tuition: Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) Program
Term/Semester Tuition (per term/semester flat charge)
Summer 2023 $4,000
Fall 2023 $20,000
Spring 2024 $20,000


Matriculation Fee

  • $100 one-time fee due when you first enroll in the law school
Student Bar Association (SBA) Fee
Term/Semester Full-time Part-time
Summer 2023 No charge No charge
Fall 2023 $50.50 $37.50
Spring 2024 $50.50 $37.50
University Health & Wellness Fee
Term/Semester Full-time Enrolled Student Part-time Enrolled Student
Summer 2023 $158 $122
Fall 2023 $237 $183
Spring 2024 $237 $183

Cost of Attendance

$31,151 per nine-month academic year (2023-2024)

  • Includes room and board, transportation, and personal expenses while enrolled in law school.
  • This is in addition to tuition, fees, and books/supplies.
  • Full Cost of Attendance (PDF) breakdown*

Important Considerations:

  • By law, financial aid cannot exceed the amount of these costs, which together comprise a standard student budget
  • Your specific cost of attendance may be increased with documentation of special financial circumstances (such as childcare), making you eligible for additional alternative credit-based loans
  • Financial lifestyle choices and personal expenses (such as credit card bills and car payments) cannot be included in student budget calculations
  • Financial aid is determined by need and cost of attendance.
  • Your financial need — difference between the cost of your education and your financial ability to pay for it.
  • Information on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) determines need by calculating what you can pay from your own resources. This amount is subtracted from your total cost of education. The difference is your financial need, and the amount we will try to help you meet with aid programs.
  • Non-need-based aid program are also available

AccessLex offers a helpful online budgeting resource.

*Continuing students may use these figures but need to adjust the tuition figure according to expected credits ($1,772 per credit for summer 2023), $1,878  per credit fall and spring (2023-2024), and raise the book figure to $2,506 ($2,116 for part-time) (2023-2024).


If you decide to purchase or lease a laptop and need financial aid assistance, be sure to keep your receipt and documentation of payment. You must buy the laptop first and submit the receipt and proof of payment by you, the student (not parents, spouse or friend), to Student Financial Services. The purchase must be made within a reasonable time frame prior to matriculation or once enrolled at least half-time and before April 1 during an academic year. The expense may be added to your student budget one time only during your law school career, up to the purchase price, or a maximum of $1,450 (for academic year 2023-2024), whichever is less. This will increase your Grad PLUS or private loan eligibility (credit report required), in effect paying yourself back. Please weigh whether the financial terms of a credit based alternative loan are more beneficial than the original method of payment.

For answers to any questions you have about financial aid, please contact Student Financial Services at lawfa@seattleu.edu.

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