Agenda - printed copies will be provided on-site

The materials for the 2018 DV Symposium: Capitalizing on Our Success are available below, arranged by Keynote or Workshop Session.

Keynote 1 - Law Enforcement and Community: Building Relationships During Difficult Times
  • No materials provided

Keynote 2 - Keeping our eyes on the prize--Why effective intervention in Domestic Violence cases can seem like a shell game!

Keynote 3 - Access to Safety and Justice: Celebrating Successes While Seeking to Improve the Efficacy of Domestic Violence Protection Orders

Session 1A - The Intersection of Racism and Domestic Violence

Sesssion 1B - From Crime Scene to Courtroom: Responding to and Investigating Domestic Violence Crimes

Session 1C - Representing Immigrant Survivors of Domestic Violence: What Family Law and Immigration Attorneys Need to Know About U Visas in 2018

Session 1D - The Critical Role of Community Advocates in Immigration Cases 

Session 2A - So called "red flag laws" in the age of gun-related community violence and suicide: Preliminary Research and Realities of Extreme Risk Protection Orders 

Session 2B -Evidence Rule 413-Unpacking Washington's New Procedural Protections for Immigrants

Session 2C - Crafting Your Client's Story

Session 2D - OMG it's DV!: Supporting Best Practices in Child Welfare using a Multidisciplinary Team

Session 2J - Effectively Managing DV Cases Courtroom (Judicial Officers Only)

Session 3A - Community Approaches to Building Resilience: "Resilience: The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope" 

  • No materials provided

Session 3B - Building Bridges: A Multidisciplinary Approach through Collaboration to Empower and Successfully Navigate Victims of Domestic Violence through the Criminal Process

Session 3C - Domestic Violence Protection Orders 201: Better than Basics - DVPO Case Law and Best practices for Judicial Officers, Family Law Attorneys and Advocates

Session 3D - It's a Privilege: Ethical Considerations When Working with Survivors and Community and System-Based Advocates

  • Handouts - Arpan Aulakh, Kate Francis, Rochelle Krebs, Kayleigh McNiel, Elizabeth Tonti (Posted 9/6/2018)

Session 3J - Reducing Gun Violence by Upholding Protection Order related Firearm Laws: Practice tips to ensure community safety and due process (Judicial Officers Only)

  • Printed handouts provided in session