About us

  • Pledges itself to the ongoing development of its members.
  • Trains future community leaders to be consciously committed to serve marginalized communities in need of legal advocacy.
  • Collaborates, supports, and respects the efforts of other dynamic organizations both on and off campus.
  • Provides members with knowledge, support, and resources to successfully navigate their law school experience and beyond.
  • Provides opportunities for the student body to collectively build upon efforts made by our members.
  • Serves our community by bridging our legal experiences with the practical needs of our society.

2023-2024 Board members

Formerly "Latina/o Law Student Association." "Latinx" is pronounced "Lah-teen-a/o," "Lah-teen-ex," or "Lah-teen-es." The "x" is gender neutral and includes folks who do not identify within the gender binary and/or those who use gender-neutral pronouns.


Kristin DiBiase
Associate Dean,
Student Life, Diversity & Inclusion

Sullivan Hall 210E