Seattle University Law students are invited to take advantage of our internal information tools. Submissions may be edited for clarity, length and content.

Calendar Event Request

You may submit the details of an upcoming event for consideration to appear on the master calendar by filling out the Event Form. The Event Form provides significant room to describe your event in detail. Once you have submitted an event, you may also wish you submit a brief related announcement (as described below). The form system allows you to "associate" your announcement with your event when submitting both to event management staff. Events may be submitted alone if you do not wish to have your event details appear.

Student Life Newsletter

Submit your event via ConnectSU to get on the weekly newsletter or email if you have further questions.

For more information, download the ConnectSU Guide (PPTX).


Kristin DiBiase
Associate Dean,
Student Life, Diversity & Inclusion

Sullivan Hall 210E