The Access Admission program provides a pathway to a law degree for students from historically disadvantaged and underrepresented communities. Students admitted to the program demonstrate potential for success through their grit, intellectual curiosity, and the ability to overcome barriers, qualities which are not necessarily reflected by grades and test scores.

Access Admission students find the support, guidance, and academic skill instruction necessary for them to graduate and build successful legal careers. 

Admission to the program is highly competitive and limited to 10 percent of each incoming class.

How it works

The program has created specialized programming designed to help students adjust to the rigors of law school. More importantly, the program provides students with a supportive community of fellow students, professors, and staff who are dedicated to their success.

Core elements

  • Summer Program: Beginning in June, newly admitted students take part in a required seven-week summer program that integrates a Criminal Law course with instruction in legal writing and study skills
  • Study sessions: Held throughout your first year to ensure you are making progress
  • Continuous support: the Academic Resource Center provides support, guidance, and academic skill instruction throughout students’ law school experience

Application Procedures

  • Application deadline: January 1
  • There are no special steps required to apply. But applicants must submit a JD Program application by January 1. All materials must be submitted by the deadline, including a valid LSAT or GRE score, undergraduate transcripts, letters of recommendation, and all other application materials detailed in JD Application Procedures.
  • Selected candidates will be notified via email.
  • Applications not received by the January 1 deadline will still be considered for admission to the traditional JD program.
  • For more information, contact the Office of Admission.

Bar Success Scholarship

The Boerner Lustbader Access Admission Bar Success Scholarship is named for the Access Admissions Program Founders – Professors Emeriti Paula Lustbader and David Boerner. It is designed to provide financial support so Access Admission students can focus on preparing for and passing the bar exam.

Selection Criteria

  • Awarded to graduating Access Admission Program students
  • A selection committee determines recipients with input from the Director of Bar Studies.
  • Selection criteria is based on the extent to which the graduate needs financial support to pass the bar exam on the graduate’s first attempt.
  • Scholarships are awarded after winter and spring graduations (December and May).

Application Instructions

Access Admission students will receive an email during their last semester inviting them to apply by submitting the following:

  • Bar Exam Study Plan: complete and submit the Study Plan using the link to the Google form application provided in the email.
  • Financial Readiness Assessment: attach the completed form in response to Section 3 of the Google form application.
  • Personal Statement: explain the three most significant challenges the candidate faces in preparing for the bar exam and steps you have taken to address the challenges.
  • Resume: Include accomplishments throughout law school.
  • Law School Transcript: Your transcript should include grades for all bar-tested courses.

Contact Admission

Seattle University School of Law
901 12th Avenue, Sullivan Hall
Seattle, WA 98122-1090
Phone: 206-398-4200
Toll-free: 800-471-1767