Program Description

  • English-language program
  • Curriculum focused on international and comparative business law
  • Courses include: Introduction to German Law, Introduction to EU Law; and International Commercial Arbitration
  • Spend the fall 3L or 4L semester in Hamburg
  • Acquire up to 12 credits toward the J.D. degree
  • Limited to two students each academic year


  • Semester-long program is divided into two sessions
  • One-week exam period follows each session
  • Mandatory orientation
  • During week between sessions, exchange students may attend an optional week-long study trip to Berlin


  • Held at Bucerius Law School, established in 2000 as Germany’s first private law school.
  • The Bucerius campus is located in the center of Hamburg, in the Old Botanical Garden next to the Hamburg State Courts.
  • The school is small, modern, and well-equipped; facilities accessible to people with disabilities.

Application Process

Eligibility: Available to current 2L/3L students in good academic standing.

To apply, please send an email indicating your interest in studying abroad along with your unofficial transcript to Liz Guinn.

Performance requirements and grading methods

  • Exchange students are evaluated by the same standards that are applied to other students, which may include any combination of attendance, classroom participation, oral presentation, papers, and written exams.
  • Grades awarded in this program will appear transcripts provided by Bucerius.
  • Grades for courses taken at Bucerius are not included in your law school GPA calculation.


  • You pay tuition to Seattle U Law just as you would for a normal semester.
  • Participation will have no effect on your financial aid or loans.
  • To obtain a German residence permit, you must have health insurance coverage in Germany Students should also be covered in other nations they wish to visit.
  • To rent the room or apartment of a German Bucerius Law School student, you will need liability insurance covering them in Germany. Coverage can be purchased through Bucerius Law School at cost.


Cancellation of courses

  • Bucerius Law School reserves the right to cancel any course for reasons of insufficient student registration.
  • You may withdraw from the program if course changes are announced prior to your departure and you cannot identify satisfactory substitute courses.
  • If cancellation of courses occurs after you arrive in Germany, substitute courses must be selected and submitted for approval to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs at Seattle U Law.

More information

COVID-19 Considerations

At this time, participation in the Bucerius Law School Exchange will be based on the ongoing health pandemic and the US Department of State Travel Advisories.

Contact Individuals & Application

Seattle University School of Law
Sital Kalantry
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and International Programs
Tel: 206-398-4110

Bucerius Law School
Kasia Kwietniewska
Director of International Office
International Office
Jungiusstr. 6
20355 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 40 3 07 06 - 109