Program Description

  • English-language program
  • Curriculum focused on international and comparative business law
  • Courses include: Introduction to German Law, Introduction to EU Law; and International Commercial Arbitration
  • Spend the fall 3L or 4L semester in Hamburg
  • Acquire up to 12 credits toward the J.D. degree
  • Limited to one student each academic year


  • Semester-long program is divided into two sessions
  • One-week exam period follows each session
  • Mandatory orientation Sept. 1-2
  • During week between sessions, exchange students may attend an optional week-long study trip to Berlin
  • The program will run from September 5 to December 16, 2022


  • Held at Bucerius Law School, established in 2000 as Germany‚Äôs first private law school
  • The Bucerius campus is located in the center of Hamburg, in the Old Botanical Garden next to the Hamburg State Courts.
  • The school is small, modern, and well-equipped; facilities accessible to people with disabilities

Application Process

Eligibility: Available to current 2L/3L students in good academic standing

Deadline to apply: The first busiess day of March

To apply, submit the following materials to Kristen DiBiase, Associate Dean of Student Life:

  • Statement of educational objectives
  • Seattle U Law transcript (unofficial)
  • Resume
  • Faculty recommendation

Students will be notified by end of March. Selected students must submit the completed Bucerius application materials by April 15. Final acceptance subject to Bucerius approval.

Performance requirements and grading methods

  • Exchange students are evaluated by the same standards that are applied to other students, which may include any combination of attendance, classroom participation, oral presentation, papers, and written exams.
  • Seattle U Law accepts credit for only those courses passed with a C or above; the law school reserves the right to accept or reject any grade for any course taken in the program
  • Grades awarded in this program will appear transcripts provided by Bucerius.
  • Grades for courses taken at Bucerius are not included in your law school GPA calculation


  • You pay tuition to Seattle U Law just as you would for a normal semester
  • Participation will have no effect on your financial aid or loans.
  • To obtain a German residence permit, you must have health insurance coverage in Germany Students should also be covered in other nations they wish to visit.
  • To rent the room or apartment of a German Bucerius Law School student, you will need liability insurance covering them in Germany. Coverage can be purchased through Bucerius Law School at cost.


Preliminary Course List

Cancellation of courses

  • Bucerius Law School reserves the right to cancel any course for reasons of insufficient student registration.
  • You may withdraw from the program if course changes are announced prior to your departure and you cannot identify satisfactory substitute courses.
  • If cancellation of courses occurs after you arrive in Germany, substitute courses must be selected and submitted for approval to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs at Seattle U Law

More information

COVID-19 Considerations

At this time, participation in the Bucerius Law School Exchange will be based on the ongoing health pandemic and the US Department of State Travel Advisories.

Contact Individuals & Application

Seattle University School of Law
Kristin DiBiase
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Tel: 206-398-4307
Fax: 206-398-4310

Bucerius Law School 
Kasia Kwietniewska
Director of International Office
International Office
Jungiusstr. 6
20355 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 40 3 07 06 - 109