The Films for Justice Institute was established in 1995 by Professor Marilyn Berger as part of the Seattle University School of Law. The Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to furthering legal education by funding films that examine issues that inform the civil justice system, social justice, and law and society. The purpose of Films for Justice is threefold: introduce story-telling techniques, provide educational tools that deliver information to students, and use narrative and film techniques as a model for presenting and retaining information.

Out of the Ashes: 9/11

Out of the Ashes: 9/11 by Seattle University School of Law Professor Marilyn Berger explores the controversial September 11th Victim Compensation Fund created to reimburse those who were injured or lost family members in the terrorist attacks. "Out of the Ashes" examines the legal, moral and ethical ramifications of the Victim Compensation Fund and its impact on the civil justice system. The film, which was produced by Professor Berger through her Films for Justice Program at the law school, is a powerful story that asks difficult questions about whether the Fund offered justice to survivors and their families.
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Lessons from Woburn: Educational Series

Lessons from Woburn is the only educational video series available based on the case, Anderson v. W.R. Grace. Specifically produced to enliven classroom discussion, it will capture the interest of anyone who has read A Civil Action or viewed the Hollywood movie.

The Lessons from Woburn student course book and videos are based on 35 hours of videotaped interviews with participants in the Anderson v. W.R. Grace case, including the trial court judge, plaintiffs' and defense counsel, the parties, jurors, witnesses, and the author of the book, A Civil Action.
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More Educational Films

The Films for Justice Institute also produced two educational DVDs that accompany two books, Pretrial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy and Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy, both co-authored by Professors Marilyn Berger, John Mitchell, and Ronald Clark. The DVD that accompanies the pretrial text includes instruction on subjects such as taking and using a deposition, mediation presentations, and examining a crime scene. The trial advocacy DVD presents a wrongful death case, based on a real case adapted by the authors, which appeared as the subject of a book by popular true crime author Ann Rule. The disc covers the trial process from jury selection to verdict.
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