Fr. John Topel

Fr. John Topel, S.J.

Emeritus Stamper Professor of Catholic Traditions
(ret) Jesuit Advisor to the Dean of the School of Law

 Sullivan Hall 429


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  • B.A., Gonzaga University, 1958
  • M.A., Gonzaga University, 1959
  • S.T.M., Santa Clara University, 1966
  • S.S.L. Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, 1969
  • Ph.D. Marquette University, 1973


Fr. John Topel, S.J. is the Jesuit Advisor to the Law School Dean at Seattle University. His academic background includes a B.A. degree in classical languages and literature and an M.A. in philosophy from Gonzaga University, an M.A. in doctrinal theology from Santa Clara University, a teaching doctorate (licentiate) in biblical exegesis from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and a research Ph.D. in Biblical Theology from Marquette University.

In 1971, he became the director of Seattle University's Master's program in religious education (SUMORE), and joined the theology faculty in 1973. Besides the regular undergraduate bible courses, he taught in the Honors Program, in the master's program in Counselling, and in the forerunners to the STM, as well as in two visiting professorships in Rome and in Tokyo.

Besides his teaching, he was also the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and served on the Board of Trustees for Matteo Ricci College, Seattle University, and Marquette University. Most recently he has been pastor of Catholic parishes in Arlington in Port Townsend.

His research interests have centered on parable theory and on New Testament ethics. He is the author of two books and sixteen articles in scholarly journals. His aim as Jesuit assistant to the dean is to help place even firmer foundations under the faculty's commitment to social justice.


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