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Angelique M. Davis

Professor, Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences
Associate Appointment, African and African American Studies, Pre-Law Program, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, College of Arts and Sciences


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  • Citizenship/Civic Engagement
  • Constitutional Law; Law, Politics & Society
  • Law, Politics & Justice; Law & Gender
  • Race & Law
  • International Law


  • BA, Law and Diversity (with Honors; minor in Business Administration), Western Washington University, 1995
  • JD, University of Washington School of Law, 1999


Angelique M. Davis is a Professor of Political Science and African and African American Studies at Seattle University. Her research concentrates on racial gaslighting, dehumanization, apologies and reparations, the socio-legal construction of race, and the reinvention of white supremacy in the twenty-first century. Her published articles are in several journals, including the Journal of Black Studies, The Black Scholar, Berkeley La Raza Law Journal, and Studies in Law, Politics, and Society. She published a book chapter, Political Blackness: A Sociopolitical Construction of Blackness Post-Loving v. Virginia, in "Loving in a 'Post–Racial' World: New Legal Approaches to Interracial Marriages and Relationships" (Cambridge University Press, 2012). She published a co-authored article with Rose Ernst titled "Racial Gaslighting" in Politics, Groups, and Identities that won the 1999 Best Article Award from the Western Political Science Association. She is in the process of writing a book, "Racial Gaslighting," with Rose Ernst, Ph.D. She received her Juris Doctor from the University of Washington in 1999. She served as a federal law clerk and subsequently practiced law until she joined the faculty at Seattle University in 2005. In addition to her academic pursuits, Professor Davis served as a Commissioner on the Seattle Civil Service Commission (2013-2022), owns Exhale Academic Writing Retreats, and is a coach and campus workshop facilitator for the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD).


Peer-Reviewed Articles and Chapters

  • Intersectionality: From Theory to Practice, 15 ANN. REV. L. & SOC. SCI. 347 (2019) (co-authored with Hajer Al-Faham and Rose Ernst).
  • Racial Gaslighting, 7 POL. GRPS. & IDENTITIES 761, VOL. 4 (2019) (co-authored with Rose Ernst) (2019 Best Paper Award, Western Political Science Association).
  • Student-Centered Discussion in Racial Justice Courses, 2 RACE & PEDAGOGY J.: TEACHING & LEARNING FOR JUST., VOL. 2 (2017) (co-authored with Rose Ernst).
  • Apologies, Reparations, and the Continuing Legacy of the European Slave Trade in the United States, 45 J. BLACK STUD. 271, VOL. 4 (2014).
  • Educating for ‘Ethical Ambition’: Bell’s Impact in the Undergraduate Classroom, 36 SEATTLE U. L. REV. xvi (2013).
  • Reconciliation or Retreat? How Legislative Resolutions Apologizing for Slavery Promulgate White Supremacy, 42 THE BLACK SCHOLAR 37 (2012).
  • Preaching to the Apathetic and Uninterested: Teaching Citizenship to Freshmen and Non-Majors, 18 J. FOR CIVIC COMMITMENT 1 (2012) (co-authored with Brian Mello).
  • Political Blackness: a Sociopolitical Construction, in LOVING IN A POST–RACIAL WORLD: RETHINKING RACE, SEX, AND MARRIAGE (Cambridge University Press 2012) (eds. Rose Cuison Villazor and Kevin Maillard).
  • Racial Spectacles: Promoting a Colorblind Agenda through Direct Democracy, 55 STUD. L. POLS. & SOC. 133–171 (2011) (co-authored with Rose Ernst).
  • Administrative Law, INT’L ENCYCLOPEDIA SOC. SCI. 22–23 (William A. Darity ed., 2d ed. 2008).

Law Review Articles

  • Descriptive Representation Matters: The Connection Between Access to Legal Education and Nonwhite Lawyer-Legislators in the United States, 22 BERKELEY LA RAZA L.J. 117 (2012).
  • Multiracialism and Reparations: The Intersection of the Multiracial Category and Reparations Movements, 29 T. JEFFERSON L. REV. 161 (2007).

In Progress

  • N.H.I.—No Human Involved (book project).
  • THREE-FIFTHS JUSTICE (book project). Davis - Curriculum Vitae Page 3 of 12

Public Writing

  • Why Black Mothers Live in Fear of the Police.” The Seattle Times (May 6, 2016).
  • Increasing Diversity in the Legal Profession: A Collaboration, Wash. St. B. News, Sept. 2006, at 33–35 (co-authored with J.K. Donlin).