Alaska Legal Services - Civil Legal Aid


1016 W. Sixth Ave., Ste 200
Anchorage, AK 99501

Accepts Applications: All Semesters

Materials: Resume, Cover letter, Writing Sample, and List of References

Externship Description

Alaska Legal Services Corporation (ALSC) is a statewide non-profit law firm that serves low-income Alaskans and Tribes in a variety of civil legal matters. With 12 offices around the state, ALSC focuses on cases that advance one of the following priorities:

● Ensure access to adequate, safe, and affordable housig;

● Ensure access to food

● Enforce educational rights;

● Overcome barriers to employment and enforce labor rights; ;

● Protect survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking from further abuse;

● Help individuals achieve and maintain family stability;;

● Ensure access to health care services; ;

● Promote economic security by ensuring access to public benefits, protecting income, and enforcing consumer rights; ;

● Preserve ownership and control over land and other forms of property for individuals and for future generations; or ;

● Assist Alaska Native tribes in efforts to improve outcomes for their members.

ALSC offers externship opportunities tailored to the interest of individual law students. ALSC can place a law student with staff working on a specific topic, to help the student explore a particular area of law, or ALSC can provide a general legal services externship experience. Regardless of the area of focus, the extern will receive education and training on relevant poverty law topics, instruction and practice in client interviewing and fact-gathering, and the opportunity to produce written work products. ALSC can support externs who want the opportunity to represent clients in administrative proceedings. Students who have completed half the coursework needed for a law degree can qualify for Alaska’s legal intern waiver, and ALSC can mentor those students to represent clients in court.

We do allow remote work and flexible hours.

Civil Seminar

Program Details

Supervisor: Leigh Dickey

Fall/Spring Hours: Full-time and Part-time

Summer Hours: Full-time and Part-time