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If you have ideas on programs you would like to see added to the Summer Practice Academy, contact CLE Director Mark Sideman

Summer Practice Academy 2018

Seattle University School of Law is  proud to announce the fifth year of its Summer Practice Academy. The Summer Practice Academy offers comprehensive certificate programs that will deepen practitioners' understanding and skills in specially selected practice areas. These programs will go beyond the typical CLE, offering intensive and interactive content and skills development taught by successful practitioners and law school faculty who are experts in those areas. There is no more comprehensive training program for lawyers in Washington, and we are confident that our Summer Practice Academy offerings will provide an exceptional and high value experience for participants.

Mastering Legal Writing Certificate Program

June 20-22, 2018 • 16.5 Law and Legal and 1.5 Ethics CLE credits 

Seattle University School of Law brings its highly ranked Legal Writing Program to the legal community with the program Mastering Legal Writing. Be prepared for an exceptional experience tailored specifically for practicing attorneys.

Mass Atrocities and Human Rights: Legal Responses and Continued Challenges

June 20-22, 2018 • 16.5 Law and Legal and 1.5 Ethics CLE credits 

Human rights abuses and their ultimate expression: mass atrocities. This terrible crime is still occurring around the world and the fear of more always exist. Chaired by Seattle University alumna Regina Palouse, this program, with understanding and compassion, and in a safe place, will explore what is being done by the legal community, especially the international community to respond to mass atrocities. We will look at how effective these responses are, have been and will be in the future.

Health Law Certificate

August 1-3, 2018 • 17.25 Law and Legal CLE credits 

For those wanting to expand their practice and learn more on Health Law we will be offering a three-day Health Law Certificate program. The theme for the 2018 program will be announced shortly.