SBA Funding Guidelines

The Student Bar Association (SBA) supports over 40 student organizations in their varied endeavors including, but not limited to, conferences, panels, and community service projects. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact Kon Petrov, SBA Treasurer, at

For more information on how to plan an activity, please click here.

General Rules & Procedures

These processes are in place to ensure three things:

  1. Accurate and up-to-date account balance organizations
  2. Transparency: all purchases and budget requests must be cleared by your president
  3. Avoidance of over-spending

Making Purchases

In general: three options: Check Request Form, Reimbursement Request Form (your own funds), or Credit Card Use Form.

Submit all forms to Kon Petrov in his student mailbox located behind the Sidebar.  

Check Request Form

  • (events, catering, speakers, bars invoices, etc)
  • Submit this form at least five business days before the date of the event to Kon Petrov.
  • Include an invoice with this form from the vendor.

Reimbursement Request Form

  • (after use of personal funds)
  • Use your own funds and fill out the Reimbursement Request Form to have a reimbursement check processed for you.
  • Receipts must be taped to a blank piece of paper and submitted along with the reimbursement form.

Credit Card Use Form

  • (For hotel or airfare only after Conference Budget approval)
  • Submit this form at least five business days before the date of the event to Kon Petrov. 
  • Please attach information regarding the hotel or airfare.
  • Regarding Hotel: Please contact the hotel and procure a credit card authorization form. The business office will fill out the form and fax it back to the hotel on your behalf.
  • Regarding Airfare: After finding the tickets of your choice you should have 24 hours to hold the price. Take this form (signed by the SBA Treasurer) to Carmelita Krasucki in the business office. She will book the flight for you.
  • Important note: You must submit an invoice to the SBA Treasurer after the event (i.e. total of charges at the hotel OR confirmation of cost for airfare). If you fail to do so, then your organization’s credit card privileges may be revoked.

On-Campus Purchases

  • Do not use your organizations account number and directly charge to your account. If you do, then your org will be placed on “funding probation” and will not be allowed any additional SBA Funds until such time that the SBA Treasurer reconciles your account.
  • Bon Appetit: Arliss Doss or Rebecca Parker will place the order for you only after it has been approved by the SBA Treasurer. 
  • 2nd Floor Copy Center: Fill our print request and give a copy of print expense to SBA Treasurer.
  • Completed forms may be placed in the SBA Treasurer's mail folder located in Room 102.

Making a Deposit

  • Fill out Deposit Form and submit to the SBA Treasurer.
  • Deposits will be made each day before 5:00 PM.
  • Please notify the SBA Treasurer via email or this form if any gifts or special income contributions are deposited into your account..

Event Budget Request

  • Requests must be made two weeks prior to an event to the SBA Treasurer by submitting an Event Budget Request Form. Failure to do so may result in a reduced SBA contribution. Funds will NOT be approved after the fact.
  • Use a Check Request to pay for vendor fees OR your own funds and a Reimbursement Request Form.
  • The SBA will generally provide funding equal to 25% of cost, not to exceed $300, of the event.

Conference Budget Request

  • Requests must be made two weeks prior to the conference to the SBA Treasurer by submitting the Conference Budget Request Form. Failure to do so may result in a reduced SBA contribution. Funds will not be approved after the fact.
  • The SBA will generally provide funding for up to two students to attend a conference through a recognized SBA Student Organization. (SBA typically funds $200 per person.) If two or more people will be attending a conference, the sponsoring SBA Student Organization must let SBA know how the organization plans to divide the approved funds. This can be submitted as an addendum to the Conference Budget Request Form. 
  • Use the Credit Card Use form to pay for plane tickets and hotel accommodations.

Requesting Dean's Funds

  • Requests for funding from the Deans for a conference or event can also be made by submission of the Conference Budget Request Form.
  • Submit the form to the office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. The Associate Dean will confirm the amount of contribution and sign the form. Once approved, the form will be submitted to the SBA Treasurer.
  • The Dean will fund:
    • $100.00 in matching funds per student organization for a reception or speaker invited to appear at an event open to the law school community.
    • One-half the cost of registration fees, travel, meals and other reasonable expenses towards approved student participation in a regional or national conference of a SBA recognized parent organization or student group.
    • Only one event per organization per academic year will be funded. Funds will not exceed a total of $750.00.
    • Travel funds for student teams participating in competitions authorized by the Moot Court or Alternative Dispute Resolution Boards that advanced from regional rounds to national finals.
    • See Dean’s Funding Guidelines for more information.

Budget Committee

How the Budget Committee works:

  • The SBA Budget Committee reviews all requests. After review, the Budget Committee will recommend an amount to the SBA for a vote, which may be greater, less than or equal to the amount requested.
  • The Budget Committee evaluates the following factors: (1) organization’s contribution to event; (2) how the event increases the visibility of the law school; (3) level of advanced planning; (4) organization’s participation in the community and at the school; (5) the importance of the event; (6) and the amount of additional funds that the SBA has already given to the organization.

You are welcome to attend the Budget Committee Meeting to assist with clarifications and answer additional questions.