Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the Student government of Seattle University School of law. As such, it is the mission of the student bar association to:


As a law student, you are automatically a member of the SBA and entitled to all benefits of SBA membership.

The SBA is functionally divided into two entities: the governing council, and the Judicial Board.

The Governing Council is responsible for recognizing student organizations and providing funding for events and activities that are designed to benefit the student body. To do this work, the Governing Council is comprised of the following officers:

  • President, executive elected voting officer
  • Vice-President, executive elected voting officer
  • Treasurer, executive elected voting officer
  • Academic Standards Representative, elected voting officer
  • American Bar Association Representative, appointed voting officer
  • Alumni Representative, elected voting officer
  • Diversity Representative, elected voting officer
  • Evening Student Representative, elected voting officer (evening only)
  • Faculty Standards Representative, elected voting officer
  • Graduate Student Council Representative, elected voting officer
  • King County Bar Association Representative, appointed voting officer
  • Public Interest Representative, elected voting officer
  • Secretary, appointed non-voting officer
  • Sergeant-At-Arms, appointed non-voting officer
  • Student Activities Representative, elected voting officer
  • Student Services Representative, elected voting officer
  • Transfer and Visiting Student Representative, elected non-voting officer
  • 1L Representative for Section A, elected voting officer (Section only)
  • 1L Representative for Section B, elected voting officer (Section only
  • 1L Representative for Section C, elected voting officer (Section only)
  • 1L Evening Representative, elected voting officer (first year evening only)

Officers on the Governing council serve for a one year term or until relieved.

The SBA's judicial board oversees all elections and is charged with interpreting the Constitution of the Student Body, the SBA bylaws, and student organization by-laws or constitutions. The board consists of appointed students whose term lasts for as they are an enrolled student.

For more information you may contact any of your SBA Officers for any reason, however, to the SBA executive officers invite your comments and inquires via the following email accounts:

For matters concerning the law school student body as a whole, please feel free to contact the SBA President at:

For matters concerning recognized student organizations (not including the alternative dispute resolution board, the Moot Court Board, or the law school journals), please feel free to contact the SBA Vice-President at:

For matters concerning allocations from, the spending of, or fees paid to the student activities fund, please contact the SBA Treasurer at:

For general inquires, comments, concerns or anything not covered above, please contact the SBA Secretary at: