Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association is the governing organization for the law school student body. As a law student, you are automatically a member of the SBA and entitled to all benefits of SBA membership. The SBA consists of three branches: executive board, general council, and judicial board.

The executive board consists of the elected positions of president, vice president, and treasurer. The president is responsible for leading all SBA meetings. Additionally, the president is the liaison between the Dean's Office and the student body. The vice president oversees the student organization and chairs the budget committee. The treasurer presents student organization funding requests and is a voting member of the budget committee.

The general council consists of elected positions including: diversity representative, faculty standards representative, American Bar Association representative, King County Bar representative, academic standards representative, public interest representative, alumni state bar representative, Graduate Student Council representative, evening students representative, 1L section representative, and student services representative. Also, the general council has appointed positions that assist with the daily work of the SBA, including the technology director, communication director, secretary, and sergeant at arms. Finally, the treasurer oversees an appointment budget committee which makes recommendations on funding requests from student organizations.

Finally, SBA has a judicial board which oversees all elections. The board interprets the SBA and student organization by-laws or constitutions. The board consists of appointed students whose term lasts for as long as he or she is an enrolled student.

The Student Bar Association provides funding, governance, and logistics support to over 40 student organizations within the law school. Our student organizations provide valuable networking opportunities with colleagues, professors, and alumni.

Student Bar Association 

Luke Riley

J.D. Candidate, Class of 2019
President | Student Bar Association

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901 12th Avenue
P.O. Box 222000
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