Latinx Law Student Association

Mission Statement

The Latinx* Law Student Association (LLSA) pledges itself to the ongoing development of its members. We seek to train future community leaders to be consciously committed to serve marginalized communities in need of legal advocacy. In doing so, our experiences as Latinxs guide us in understanding that every community issue is interconnected. We seek to collaborate, support, and respect the efforts of other dynamic organizations both on and off campus.

L.L.S.A Seeks to:

  1. Provide its student members with the knowledge, support, and resources necessary to successfully navigate their law school experience and beyond;
  2. Provide opportunities by which the general student body can collectively build upon the efforts made by our members; and
  3. To serve our community by bridging our legal experiences with the practical needs of our society.

2021–2022 Board Members

*Formerly "Latina/o Law Student Association." "Latinx" is pronounced "Lah-teen-a/o," "Lah-teen-ex," or "Lah-teen-es." The "x" is gender neutral and includes folks who do not identify within the gender binary and/or those who use gender-neutral pronouns.