Submit an Announcement

SU law students are invited to take advantage of our internal information tools. Submissions may be edited for clarity, length and content.

Calendar Event Request

You may submit the details of an upcoming event for consideration to appear on the master calendar or Sullivan docket calendar by logging in to the LawXite submission system and clicking the "Create New Event" link. The LawXite event form provides significant room to describe your event in detail. Once you have submitted an event, you may also wish you submit a brief related announcement (as described below) for the large rotating text portion of the docket. The LawXite system allows you to "associate" your announcement with your event when submitting both to event management staff. Events may be submitted alone if you do not wish to have your event details appear on the docket.

Docket Announcement Request

If you wish to submit an announcement for the large rotating text portion of the Sullivan docket, log in to the LawXite submission system and click the "Create New Announcement" link. Announcements are restricted to a title and brief paragraph and it is important to state all necessary details as clearly and concisely as possible in complete sentences. If your announcement is related to an upcoming event, it is a good idea to fill out the "Create New Event" form before submitting an Announcement. While submitting your event, take note of the location, date, time, and RSVP details so that you remember to include them in your announcement. Announcements may also be submitted alone, if not related to an event (for example, a congratulatory message to winners of a competition).

Prolific Reporter

The Prolific Reporter is the law school's student operated publication. You are welcome to submit announcements and articles to the Prolific Reporter. All submissions are due Thursday by 5pm to be included in the following week's edition. Submissions should be emailed to