Plan An Activity

Whether it’s a week-long film festival, a panel discussion, or a reception, Seattle University School of Law students are supported in their efforts to organize events. If you have any questions, contact Colin Watrin, Assistant Director of Student Life.   

Event Planning Steps:
Below are the steps you need to take for your various event needs.

Co-Curricular Organizations

SJSJ, Law Review, Moot Court and DR Board work directly with Arliss Doss for all of your event needs. 

Event Planning Memo & Other Forms

All students who want to plan an event must start by filling out the Event Memo and consulting with the Assistant Director of Student Life Colin Watrin

Schedule a Student Organization Meeting

You can work directly with Arliss Doss ( to schedule a room for your meeting.  No event memo needed.

Reserve a table on the Courtyard Level

You can work directly with Arliss Doss ( to reserve a table.  If this is tied to an event such as a fundraiser, then please include it in the event memo.  If it is just a membership drive, no event memo needed.  


You must fill out an event memo and submit it one month prior to the event.  Set up a meeting with Colin Watrin if you have any questions.

Panels/Receptions where External Parties are Invited (Alumni, community members, etc.)

You must fill out an event memo.  In order to ensure that it is a well-done event, please set up a meeting with Assistant Director Colin Watrin at least one moth before.

Events on Campus and not at Sullivan Hall

Set up an appointment to meet with Colin Watrin and Arliss Doss to discuss venue and logistical needs. 

Catering Requests

All catering requests must be made through Arliss Doss ( 

Bon Appetit Menu

View the Bon Appetit menu.

Submit an Announcement

Learn the how to submit announcements to the Weekly email, Daily email, calendar, docket and Prolific Reporter.

Student Bar Association's Funding Guidelines

Click here to learn more about applying for Speakers, Programming, and Conference funds.

Dean’s Funding Guidelines

For more information about applying for Programming and Conference funds view the Dean's Funding Guidelines.

Departments’ Funding Guidelines

Click here for more Information about applying for Programming funds.

Conference Funding

Please fill out and submit the attached "SBA Org Conference Budget Request" form if you want to request funds to go to a conference.  This form will be used by both the SBA and the deans.  Make sure to include print outs of the conference, registration fees, estimates on the travel and hotel fees, etc.  Click here to access the Dean's Funding Guidelines and click here to access the Student Bar Association's Funding Guidelines.