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1974: Singer v. Hara
1998: Defense of Marriage Statute
2004: Andersen v. Sims
2004: Castle v. Washington

Washington State

John Singer and Paul Barwick’s attempt to obtain a marriage license culminated in the 1974 Washington Court of Appeals decision Singer v. Hara which held that same-sex couples do not have the right to marry. In 1998, conservative legislators succeeded in amending the Washington code to prohibit same-sex marriage. In 2004, two cases challenging Washington’s same-sex marriage ban were filed in Washington Superior Court. Both Andersen v. Sims and Castle v. Washington held that Washington’s same-sex marriage ban violates the Washington Constitution. Defendants appealed; both cases will be heard in the Washington Supreme Court in 2005.

Anderson v. Sims
Plaintiffs in Andersen v. Sims, one of two cases currently challenging Washington's statute prohibiting same-sex marriage.
Bauer Family
Brenda Bauer and Cindy Castle of Seattle, Washington, two plaintiffs in Castle v. Washington, the second case currently challenging Washington’s same-sex marriage ban.