Appraising Our Past, Charting Our Future

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"As part of the Seattle University School of Law, the Law Library seeks to provide the highest quality information resources and services to support the instructional, research, and scholarship endeavors of the Law School and the Seattle University community."

--Seattle University Law Library Mission Statement


September 2004 marks the five-year anniversary of the Law School's move to Sullivan Hall. Over these last five years the Law Library has endeavored to anticipate and meet the needs of our faculty, students and staff by not only offering new and enhanced services, but also by providing expanded access to a wide array of information resources. Although this "state of the Law Library" report focuses on 2003-2004 activities and events, I hope that it will additionally provide a general overview of how the Law Library has responded to and intends to address the challenges of our rapidly changing information environment.

Kristin A. Cheney
Executive Law Librarian