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Lawyers in Popular Fiction 2000

Library Exhibits Committee is inaugurating the library display area with its first installation, "Lawyers in Popular Fiction." The exhibit provides a look at how the profession has been portrayed over the years, from Canterbury Tales to legal thrillers. Shakespeare's Dick the Butcher wanted to kill all the lawyers, and some authors since may have shared the sentiment, but more than a few writers of today have made careers keeping them alive to solve the latest baffling crime. "Lawyers in Popular Fiction" will be on display in the Dolliver Reading Room on the fourth floor of the library through October 6.

Gems of the Seattle University Law Library 2001

A new exhibit, "Gems of the Seattle University Law Library," now occupies the display cases in the Dolliver Reading Room on the fourth floor of the library. The volumes on exhibit tell a story about a famous British case, or describe an incident that shaped U.S. history. Some of the books on display played an important role in the development of international law while others were antecedents to the research tools we now take for granted. Satisfy your curiosity. Come view the exhibit "Gems of the Seattle University Law Library" which will remain on view through December.

Islamic Law 2002

A new display has been installed in the fourth-floor display case. The display highlights the law of Islam and the library's materials on this increasingly important subject. Pictorial materials, newspaper articles and explanatory text are also included to provide a brief overview of the sources and current impact of Islamic law.

Brown v. Board of Education Exhibits 2003-04

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, Seattle University Law Library has created five commemorative exhibits:

• The online exhibit combines striking images from the past 50 years with a collection of links to other web sites. Navigate through the decades to explore Brown v. Board of Education and its consequences. You can access our online exhibit at any computer terminal by going to the law library home page and clicking on the Brown v. Board of Education graphic.

• The online exhibit also includes a small suite of interactive learning games to encourage further thinking about the context of Brown v. Board of Education. Computer terminals will be available during the Symposium in the second floor gallery.

• A physical exhibit is housed in the display cases in the Dolliver Reading Room on the fourth floor of the library. Here you will find books, articles, and photographs arrayed along a timeline annotated with significant judicial decisions in the civil rights movement. The exhibit draws from both national and local events, and uses many non-legal materials to provide context for important legal landmarks.

Original documents from Brown v. Board of Education and related cases, including transcripts, briefs, news clippings and correspondence, are housed in the glass display case just outside the library in the law school’s Second Floor Gallery. The documents are on loan from the personal collection of Mr. Leonard Schroeter of the law firm Stritmatter Kessler Whelan Withey Coluccio in Seattle, Washington. Mr. Schroeter is a local attorney with a national reputation for outstanding public interest service, and a long time advocate for the access to justice movement.

• Near the Schroeter documents you will find a panel exhibit containing images of struggles and achievements in the civil rights movement. The exhibit is a compilation of historical images to give context and meaning to the Brown v. Board of Education decision.

• Professor Michael Rooke-Ley has graciously lent his collection of material from the Civil Rights Movement to the library. In 1965, Professor Rooke-Ley was a summer volunteer with C.O.R.E. in Mississippi. The collection includes pamphlets, notes, flyers, and images from that time. Selections from the collection are now on view in two display cases on the second floor of the library.

Same Sex Marriage

2004-2005 (in conjunction with New Family Law: Legal Implications of Same-Sex Marriage CLE and the National Symposium on the Socio-Legal Implications of Same-Sex Marriage)


This timely multi-case display addresses many aspects of election law, including the constitutional foundations of election laws and related amendments, the rules of campaign financing, as well as local Washington State election laws. Not only does this exhibit contain images and text highlighting famous presidential elections, but also contains several unique pieces of realia: two bags of chads from the 2000 presidential election and two sample primary ballots from the locally controversial 2004 Washington State primary.

Solo Practice

Coming in 2005

Judicial Oddities

Coming in 2006