Independent Study Topics
Animal Law
Child Hearsay Under Crawford Holding
Child Protective Services
Comparative Study of Family Law - Islamic/Washington
Concierge Practice in Medicine
Corporate Law
Corpus Delecti and Sexual Abuse
Digital Millennium Copyright Art
Disparity in Crack Defendant Sentencing - Constitutionality
Environmental Law Issues
Ethics of Love
Explorations of Conventions of Legal Writing
FSIA and Foreign Debt; Cuban Real Property Market
Criminal Law and Superstar Athlete Defendants
International Intellectual Property Rights
Law and Economics
Legal Pedagogy and Sexual Minorities
Mail Order Brides/IMO Human Rights
Marital Deduction Planning & QTip Trusts
Narmada Dam Movement (India)
Obscenity Jurisprudence
Poverty Law
Progessive v. Law and Economics Approach to Corporate
Governance - What Can Austrian Economics Contribute?
Securities Regulation
Shakespeare and the Law
Social Justice in Civil Society
The Doctrine of Originality in Copyright Law
Validity of Search Warrant