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New research guides

Cheney presents at AALL

New computer lab

Web access to LegalTrac

Law book pricing study

Law library exchange

New collegue

Cheney presents at AALL

Acting Library Director Kristin Cheney spoke at the American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting in Philadelphia this summer. As part of the program "The ABA Reaccreditation Visit: Process and Preparation," Kristin discussed our library's recent visit with the ABA team, and provided insight for those preparing to undergo the process.

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SU/UW law library exchange

The Law Library staff have been meeting with their counterparts at University of Washington Gallagher Law Library. Throughout August, groups from both libraries have been crossing town to tour each other's facilities and compare notes. Both staffs pronounced the meetings a success, with everyone enjoying the opportunity to become better acquainted and share ideas.

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New collegue

Jane Draney, a familiar face to the law school, is the new library Administrative Assistant. We are already benefitting from Jane's creativity, and are extremely happy to have her aboard.

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What's new in the Law Library . . . 


 September 2000

New exhibit on display in the library

The Library Exhibits Committee is inaugurating the library display area with its first installation, "Lawyers in Popular Fiction." The exhibit provides a look at how the profession has been portrayed over the years, from Canterbury Tales to legal thrillers. Shakespeare's Dick the Butcher wanted to kill all the lawyers, and some authors since may have shared the sentiment, but more than a few writers of today have made careers keeping them alive to solve the latest baffling crime. "Lawyers in Popular Fiction" will be on display in the Dolliver Reading Room on the fourth floor of the library through October 6.

On a related note, the Library Exhibit Committee is soliciting input from faculty who are interested in having their professional achievements recognized. The committee has reserved the two full-height cabinets on the west side of the display area to spotlight faculty scholarship, important cases, significant community participation, and other professional achievements and special interests. Interested faculty should contact committee chair Bob Menanteaux.

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 Librarians provide starting points

The law librarians are in the midst of an ongoing project to produce a core collection of web-based library research guides. These "Starting Points" are intended for student use and are produced with the focus areas in mind. They are meant to provide an introduction to key library research sources, with links to relevent web-based materials when available. Twelve are available as of late August, with more on the way. The list so far:

  • Appellate Practice in Washington
  • Commercial Law and the UCC
  • Community Property
  • Corporations
  • Education Law
  • Evidence Law
  • Hazardous Waste and Toxics
  • Health Care Fraud and Abuse
  • Land Use Law
  • Secured Transactions
  • Sex-based Employment Discrimination
  • Trademarks and Trade Dress

These can be accessed from THEO <> by selecting "SU Law Research Starting Points" under the "Library Information" pull-down menu.

Comments and suggestions from the faculty are welcomed.

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New computer lab in the library

The Computer Lab has been moved from Room C-3 to the Document Delivery Center. The new DDC/Computer Lab has 12 computers, as well as the high speed printers for Lexis, WESTLAW, and word processing/internet printouts. Student workers will be sorting printouts and maintaining the printers as in the past, since this has proven to dramatically reduce the number of repairs needed. Additionally, the DDC will continue to provide bulk photocopying (10 pages or more) for SU law students.

Any questions or comments about DDC/Lab services should be referred to Terry Cullen, Electronic Services Librarian.

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Web access to LegalTrac now available

The library now offers web access to LegalTrac for all SU Law faculty, staff, and students. LegalTrac indexes articles published in over 850 journals since 1980. Anyone interested in searching can access it through THEO by selecting from the "Databases" pull-down menu on the right side of the screen.

Note: The owners of LegalTrac use IP authentication technology rather than passwords to protect access to their product. This means that the database can only be accessed from on campus. Any computer station or port on campus should work.

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Economic Study of Law Book Pricing to be Conducted by the American Association of Law Libraries

AALL, representing the nation's largest consumer group for law books, is conducting a major economic study on law book pricing over the past decade.

Responding to the expressed concerns of its members about the rapid escalation of law book prices, the association is contracting with Mark McCabe (Professor of Economics at Georgia Institute of Technology and a former staff member at the U.S. Department of Justice) to analyze the trends in law book pricing over the past decade and to study the impact that those price changes have had on library collections.

Anyone involved in law library acquisitions and collection development will readily agree that the cost increases have been steep and the cuts deep. It will be interesting to see this represented empirically.

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