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September 2000 issue

Professional activities in the law library world

Acting Law Library Director Kristin Cheney was recently appointed treasurer of the Conference of Law Libraries of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU).

Collection Development Librarian Kara Phillips is the new treasurer of the Law Librarians of Puget Sound (LLOPS).

Reference Librarian Brendan Starkey is serving as layout editor for the LLOPS newsletter, LLOPScited.

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New staff member

We are pleased to welcome Greg Soejima as the library's new (and first) Evening Library Monitor. Although Greg's duties are based in the computer lab/document delivery center, as the only permanent library employee available in the late evenings, his responsibilities will necessarily overlap with other public services departments. Greg will be working a Sunday through Thursday, 4:00pm to midnight schedule.

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What's new in the Law Library . . . 


 October 2000

New sculpture debuts in the library

Those of you who haven't seen it yet should come check out the latest addition to our school's collection of original art. "Column of Light" by Seattle sculptor M. J. Anderson represents facets of teaching and learning.

In the words of the artist: "On opposite sides of the column are carved sets of hands in the gestures of hands facing and hands turned outwards.

Hands facing, as one would see their own hands presented before them, represents self truth and wisdom of the people. This same position is that which the hands form when holding a book, seeking knowledge.

The lower set of hands on the opposite side of the column are turned outward in the position of giving as well as receiving. This image conveys the intention of humble supplication as well as receiving grace bestowed. The rectangular image on the upper left of this same side represents the tablet or collection of written word that is sought."

More information from the artist is available at the Circulation Desk.

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Walkover Collection rededication

On Thursday, November 9th at 3:00pm, the library will be holding a reception to rededicate the Andrew Walkover Collection. More details to follow in next month's newsletter.

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Kunsch speaks to local professional organizations

Reference Librarian Kelly Kunsch recently spoke to the local chapter of the National Association of Legal Professionals about conducting research on the internet. In particular, he addressed the need to authenticate one's source of information in light of the anarchic nature of the web. For an example of how easily one can be fooled, compare the official web site of the World Trade Organization <> with an attractive fake <>. Kelly also discussed the use of portals (FindLaw, Yahoo!, Google, etc.) to narrow a search, and the use of reputable fee services such as Loislaw and lexisONE which, while not free, are relatively inexpensive and may provide more peace of mind.

In a presentation to the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association, Kelly spoke about services such as lexisONE, VersusLaw, Loislaw, and FindLaw which provide a cheaper alternative to the typical subscriptions to Lexis or Westlaw. He also spoke about getting needed information while saving money by purchasing single volumes of sets, such as the RCWA or Washington Practice.

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"New and Notable" library materials

In addition to the "New Book Shelf" page on THEO, which lists all recent library acquisitions, the library now provides the "New and Notable" page, highlighting new resources we think might be of particular interest to our users. The page will include synopses, information on the authors, and links to available reviews.

Click here to look at the current crop.

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Newsletter compiled by Suzanne Harvey and Brendan Starkey.

Questions? Comments? Please contact Brendan Starkey, editor.