Spirit of Law Librarianship Award

Kristin Cheney, Executive Law Librarian at Seattle University Law Library, is this year's recipient of the Spirit of Law Librarianship Award for outstanding contributions in serving the elderly and their pets in Pierce County, Washington.





In 1998, Ms. Cheney established the Seniors with Pets Assistance (SWP) Program, which provides vital support to low income seniors with pets. She developed the program due to her passionate belief that seniors like all others should be able to benefit from the friendship and companionship of a pet. It is the only service of its kind in the
Puget Sound region and serves as a model for similar volunteer efforts in other areas. She was honored at a ceremony in July at AALL's Annual Meeting in San Antonio. This award is given to a law librarian, or group of librarians, who have used their position and skills as a law librarian to make a meaningful contribution to a social cause, or used their professional training in service of others in some significant way.


Chapel of St. Ignatius Featured

The American Association of Law Libraries recently began a new column called “Libraries with Beautiful Views” on their web page and in their monthly print newsletter, “Spectrum.”

A photo (taken by Charity Braceros, Seattle University Law Library) of the Chapel of St. Ignatius was featured in the June issue of Spectrum and on the Web as the June "View of the Month."


10th Annual Bridge the Legal Research Gap a Success

A joint production by law librarians from Seattle University Law Library and University of Washington Gallagher Law Library, Bridge the Gap is a program designed to give students a refresher course on key research skills needed for summer legal employment.

This year, the libraries sponsored two identical sessions: one on May 25th at Seattle University School of Law and one on June 21st at University of Washington School of Law. The sessions covered Research in the Real World, Legislative History, Administrative Law, Advanced Internet Legal Research and Lawyers Practice Materials. With two dates, there was a marked increase in attendance to approximately 200 participants and students appreciated the flexibility in choosing from two dates. Participants represented over 25 law schools around the country and were affiliated with almost 100 different local legal employers including local law firms, companies, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies.


New Online Databases

BNA Online

We are pleased to announce that the library is now subscribing to BNA Online, which provides access to over 120 BNA titles in 20 different topical areas including Antitrust, Banking, Bankruptcy, Corporations, Criminal Law, Employee Benefits, Employment and Labor, Environment and Safety, Ethics, Family Law, Healthcare, Homeland Security, Intellectual Property, International, Litigation, Product Liability, Securities and Corporate Responsibility, Tax and Trade/Commerce.

Some of you may recall that access to BNA publications was pulled from the Westlaw and Lexis academic subscriptions in 2002, but the BNA publications are once again available on both platforms as part of our new BNA Online subscription. The Law Library will also be maintaining the following BNA titles in print:

Additionally, electronic routing to faculty e-mail accounts is available on almost 100 titles, including United States Law Week. Contact your library liaison for a list of routed titles, to schedule training or for more information. We are excited to offer these publications in support of teaching and scholarship at Seattle University School of Law.

Lexis Nexis Congressional

Lexis Nexis Congressional provides indexing (1789 to current) and selected full-text access (late 1980’s to current) to various publications of the United States Congress including bills, laws, hearings, testimony, reports, biographies, committee assignments, and voting records. It is a key online resource for compiling legislative histories. Contact your library liaison for training or search assistance.


"Legal Humor" Exhibit:

Legal humor has been a part of the judicial system for decades.

Whether it is a lawyer's joke, or an offhand comment on a recent trial, everyone has heard at least one in his or her lifetime. While some judges believe that humor has no place in the courtroom, they have not been able to stop satirists, bloggers and other lawyers and judges from making a wisecrack or two.

This multi-case exhibit is housed in the display cases in the Dolliver Reading Room on the 4th floor of the library. Comprised of books and judicial opinions, this exhibit showcases how legal humor has surpassed the typical, run-off-the-mill bad joke, and has transcended into a subject that can be appreciated by both lawyers and laymen alike.

While it is guaranteed that the supply of lawyer jokes will never end, our 4th floor collection features a series of tasteful judicial opinions illustrating legal humor throughout the years - a reminder from the court that it is still legal to laugh.




Our "Legal Humor" exhibit was created and designed by Liz Bedford (2L), Jessica DePerio (3L) and Katie Brown ('05 graduate) in consultation with reference librarian, Bob Menanteaux. (Above excerpt written by Jessica DePerio.)

Library Liaison Changes

During the summer we have made some changes to our library liaison program.

These changes were made to accommodate new faculty, and to better allocate faculty research responsibilities among the reference librarians. Faculty who have a new librarian have been notified. A list of library liaisons may be found on our home page.


New Library Publications

The Library has created two new research guides for our patrons: Solo and Small Firm Practice Resources by Katie Merrill Brown (2005 graduate) and Researching Legal Careers by librarian Barbara Swatt.

Additionally, the library has now published an updated Adjunct Faculty Services and Policies guide on our home page which will be distributed to new and continuing adjunct law faculty.


Technical Services News

Relocation of Washington Materials:
Washington materials that had been located in range 4S on the 4th floor of the library have since been relocated to range 3A on the 3rd floor near the library administrative offices. These materials include the Washington Reporter, the Washington Appellate Reports, the Washington Digest, Laws of Washington, Washington Administrative Code as well as Washington statutes.

Catalog Server:

The Innovative catalog server, which had been housed in the administrative offices of the Law Library, was moved to the campus' Office of Information Technology in June. The Law Library and Lemieux Library will share ongoing responsibility for the daily maintenance of the server.


Bob Menanteaux's Sabbatical

This past spring found librarian Bob Menanteaux on sabbatical.

During this time he completed work on a draft of the collection development policy for the library's foreign, comparative and international law collections. He also took the opportunity to complete preliminary work on six chapters for a text on international and foreign law research. This product is being developed for his class on the subject and is designed to engage the reader through the use of multimedia applications. Part of the development work for this project was accomplished during a two week residency at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) at the University of London. In addition to conducting research and writing for his project, Bob also assisted the IALS library with a review of their considerable U.S law journal collection. After completing his residency, Bob and his wife traveled extensively around the UK.



The annual American Association of Law Librarians conference was held in San Antonio, Texas from July 16-20 with Kristin Cheney, Kelly Kunsch, Kara Phillips and Barbara Swatt Engstrom in attendance. A highlight of the conference was Kristin Cheney's acceptance of the Spirit of Law Librarianship award in recognition of her work for Seniors with Pets.


Barbara Swatt Engstrom was elected treasurer of the Law Librarians of Puget Sound and Kristin Cheney was selected to be chair of the LLOPS election committee. Susan Kezele attended the LLOPS spring workshop in May. The workshop sessions featured programs on Bankruptcy, Maritime, Tax and Immigration Law. In addition to the workshop sessions, Honorable Robert Lasnik, Chief Judge, Western District of Washington conducted a tour of a federal district courtroom.

Washington Library Association

In April, Susan Kezele and Nancy Minton attended the Washington Library Association conference in Spokane. The theme of the conference was Creating Partnerships to Enhance Library Services and focused on the areas of electronic resource management, open URLs and managing library statistics. The presentation on library displays was particularly relevant to our library's efforts to create innovative and thought provoking exhibits.

Summer In-House Training

Seattle University Law Library offered its second series of "Collaborative Learning Workshops" this summer for its library employees. Designed to expand training opportunities for all library personnel by utilizing in-house experts, library personnel with specific areas of expertise gave presentations to their library colleagues on a variety of topics including: Global Alphabet Soup (Making Sense of International Organizations), Researching Indian/Tribal Law, United States Judicial System, Finding International Information Online, etc. Attendees found the workshops practical and entertaining while providing an informal, learning environment for all library personnel.

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