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March 2003


Click to view E-referenceDo you ever have a question from home or during non-library hours? Fire off an e-mail to a reference librarian and look for an answer the next day. It's now possible through the law library's new E-Reference service. Click on the symbol at the top of the THEO Web site to display the easy-to-use form. You're only a click away.



Expanded Alumni Service

The Law Library is expanding service to our alumni with a new membership plan. The plan entitles the holder to one year of borrowing privileges at the library for an annual fee of $25. Our previous policy allowed alumni unlimited in-house access to the library but no material could be checked out. Now alumni can check out five circulating items at a time, with a thirty-day loan period. The library is interested in responding to alumni needs and research interests, and welcomes any suggestions that will improve our continuing relationship. A membership form is available on the law library Web site at


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Library Launches Virtual Tour

Click to enter tourWe are proud to announce that our new virtual tour is up and running. This new tour is the result of extensive collaboration between the Library and Technology. Librarians provided the tour's content and structure, while Technology staff directed the development and implementation. Using the latest in Macromedia Flash technology, the tour allows you to view the library from all directions, navigate throughout the collection, and click on areas for additional information.


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People in the News

Greg Soejima and his wife, Lucy, are the proud parents of a baby boy born at 3:00 a.m., January 29, 2003. Nathaniel Roy ("Nate") weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz. and measured 20 1/2". Big sister, Chloe, is delighted with her baby brother. Best wishes to the Soejima family!


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Conference Attendance

Modern Archives Institute in Washington D.C.

At the end of January, Stephanie Wilson attended the Modern Archives Institute in Washington D.C. The Institute--a two week program administered by the National Archives and Records Administration--taught participants about all aspects of archival management, including material selection and arrangement, public access and research issues, and preservation and conservation. Ms. Wilson attended the Institute to learn the proper processes for arranging and managing materials recently donated by Leonard Schroeter. Last summer, Mr. Schroeter donated his research materials and personal papers to the library. Mr. Schroeter is a local public interest attorney with a national reputation as an advocate and legal scholar, and his materials will provide a valuable resource of unique research sources for scholars and practitioners. In addition to the recent Schroeter donation, the library anticipates that it will collect more rare and archival material in the future.

Seattle University Strategic Leadership Program

Susan Kezele participated in the first Seattle University Strategic Leadership Program, Feb. 3-6, 2003. The intensive 4-day workshop was a comprehensive management and leadership education program designed to provide knowledge, skills, and the tools necessary to succeed as a leader at Seattle University. Four managers and associate directors from Gonzaga University joined ten Seattle University supervisors in attendance. The Human Resources department hopes to implement the training program campuswide.


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New Online Database - LawTRIO

LawTRIO online is a comprehensive directory of law-related titles published in looseleaf, newsletter and on CD-ROM. It contains over 7,500 entries from three useful print directories: Legal Looseleafs in Print, Legal Newsletters in Print and the Directory of Law-Related CD-ROMs. Search by keyword, and limit by title, subject and publisher. For example, if you wanted to know what IP looseleafs, newsletters and CD-ROMs are currently published, type in the key word Intellectual Property and you will retrieve 61 hits. Click on any of the titles to find out information about the product. To access LawTRIO, go to and click on the link to LawTRIO. For more information or assistance, contact the library reference desk (x4225) or your library liaison. In addition, the main campus Lemieux Library offers a variety of non-legal databases at:


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Staff Millennium Training

On January 28-30, the library conducted staff training for the Millennium acquisitions and cataloging modules as well as Web OPAC features. Millennium is Windows- and Java-based client software created by Innovative Interfaces. Law libraries have been switching to Millennium after using a character-based version of the same software for many years. Millennium offers upgraded versions of its four modules: acquisitions, cataloging, circulation and serials. As an integrated library system, Millennium will facilitate greater functionality, flexibility, ease of use and navigation for both patrons and staff.


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Current Awareness Tools

Having trouble keeping up on new law review articles or working papers? Would you like announcements delivered directly to you via e-mail? If so, the library subscribes to two services that may meet your needs.

Current Index to Legal Periodicals (SmartCILP)

To receive e-mail notifications about newly published law review articles, law faculty may wish to access SmartCILP. SmartCILP provides automated e-mail delivery of pre-selected topics or journals indexed in the Current Index to Legal Periodicals (go to for a list of journals.) After setting up a SmartCILP profile, subscribers receive an e-mail message (clearly marked as "SmartCILP") each week containing article citations pertaining to the topics and journals they selected.

For example, a faculty member who is interested in law review articles on Indian Law, Banking Law and Environmental Law may set up a profile to track newly published articles in those fields. In addition, the faculty member may choose to see the tables of contents for specific journals of interest such as the American Indian Law Review, the Environmental Lawyer and the Annual Review of Banking Law. Additionally, when available, there are links to the full text of the articles on Westlaw and Lexis. SmartCILP profiles can be modified each week to accommodate changes in research emphasis.

To set up or change a SmartCILP profile, go to You may obtain the authorization code for Seattle University Law Library by contacting the reference desk (x4225) or your library liaison.

Legal Scholarship Network

To access electronic abstracts of working papers, law faculty may want to sign up for a subscription to journals of interest published by the Legal Scholarship Network (part of the Social Science Research Network). Each journal issue, delivered via e-mail, contains abstracts of recent papers in a particular area of legal scholarship. Journals are edited by a law professor with expertise in the field covered by the journal. Each abstract is accompanied by an e-mail address for the author, whom you can contact to obtain a full copy of any paper, and often a Web site address from which most papers can be downloaded free of charge. (Some papers like the NBER working papers incur a charge.)

To subscribe, go to At the top of the page, click on the button labeled "Subscribe to Networks and Journals," then click on the link, "Legal Scholarship Network Site License." In the first paragraph at the top of the page, click on "join an existing site" and fill out the subscription form.

If you have any questions, please contact the library reference desk (x4225) or your library liaison.


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Librarians Have Class

Law librarians have invaded the classroom this semester. Last semester, Kristin Cheney taught Advanced Legal Research. This semester, Kelly Kunsch and Stephanie Wilson are co-teaching a section of the popular class. In addition, Bob Menanteaux is teaching International & Foreign Law Research. At the same time, Kerry Fitz-Gerald has lectured for both Advanced Professional Responsibility and Legal Writing II. Other members of the law library staff will help stem the tide of reference requests throughout this semester.

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Faculty Research Assistants Program

The Faculty Research Assistants program is off to a flying start. Teaching staff with short-term research needs have tapped the program to work on a variety of questions. Our two student researchers come well-equipped to meet their needs. Stephen Leptich, second year student, has a background in science with interests in intellectual property and environmental law. His law review experience will serve him well with future assignments. Page Scott brings strong credentials in state legislative research as a former Senate intern and a Transportation Planner in Eastern Washington. Her experience with the Jessup competition has helped her work on several tasks involving international and foreign law.

If you need research assistance but don't feel that your project warrants hiring your own student, contact your law library liaison or view the list of liaisons at


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Law Library Joins the New England Law Library Consortium – NELLCO!

Wondering why a law library in Washington state would join a consortium of law libraries in New England? The New England Law Library Consortium (NELLCO), established in 1983 as a vehicle for resource sharing among non-profit law libraries in New England, has invited law libraries outside their region to become affiliate members. Affiliate members may participate in coordinated trials of electronic resources, consortium pricing and licensing of electronic resources and centralized billing and renewal for these resources. NELLCO members receive discounts from 10% to 60% on databases.

When possible, Seattle University Law Library utilizes the combined purchasing power of consortia to purchase products and databases at a discount; however, existing consortia target academic and public libraries rather than law libraries, and the licensed databases do not always meet our patron needs. We are very excited about joining NELLCO because it handles databases specifically targeted to law libraries and their patrons.

Seattle University Law Library subscribes to approximately 20 electronic databases and journals. Subscriptions to most of these products entailed comprehensive product evaluations, and lengthy negotiations with various legal publishers on price, license terms and access, as well as educating publishers about the specialized concerns of an academic law library. Library staff spent countless hours making these resources available to our patrons. As a member of NELLCO, we anticipate streamlining some of these processes.

Looking toward the future, as more law libraries join NELLCO through its affiliate program, we hope that the collective strength of the NELLCO consortium will give it a very powerful voice in database negotiations with legal publishers. This is particularly important for law libraries facing loss of purchasing power due to the recent consolidation of the legal publishing industry and the rescission of the Federal Trade Commission Guides for the Law Book Industry in January 2000. For more information about NELLCO, go to


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New and Notable

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Check out the New and Notable page to see new resources we think might be of particular interest to our users.

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