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Faculty scholars enjoy productive year

The School of Law’s junior faculty members have been highly productive, having scholarship published in major journals.
Among them:

Assistant Professor Tom Antkowiak

“El derecho de los pueblos indígenas a la consulta: marco legal internacional” (“The Right of Indigenous Communities to Be Consulted: International Legal Framework”), AportesDPLF, the publication of the Due Process of Law Foundation (2010).

“Un modelo innovador en materia de reparaciones: El esquema de la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos” (“An Innovative Reparations Model: The Scheme of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights”), Edition 233 of El Derecho, the legal journal of the Catholic University of Argentina (2009).

Won Kidane“An Emerging Mandate for International Tribunals: Victim-Centered Remedies and Restorative Justice” (forthcoming article)

“The American Convention of Human Rights: A Commentary,” Oxford University Press, forthcoming, (with Ludovic Hennebel).

Assistant Professor Won Kidane

“Managing Displacement by Law: The Role of the African IDPs Convention” Vanderbilt Translational Law Journal, forthcoming Winter 2011.

“Immigration Law as Contract Law: Romero’s Everyday Law for Immigrations,” book review, Seattle University Law Review, forthcoming Spring 2011.

Jane StoeverReview of “International Law and Dispute Settlement” by French, Saul & White, Law and Politics Review, Fall 2010.

Jane K. Stoever

“Stories Absent from the Courtroom: Responding to Domestic Violence in the Context of HIV and AIDS,” North Carolina Law Review.

“Freedom from Violence: Using the Stages of Change Model to Realize the Promise of Civil Protection Orders,” Ohio State Law Journal, forthcoming 2011.


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