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Tacoma Celebration – February 10, 2010


Interim Dean Annette Clark '89 and John Cummings '08 share a laugh at the start of the reception. Tara Reck '06 invited prospective student Teja Cronk to meet the South Sound alumni community. Dean Clark, Jim Holman '76 and Chris Keay '82.
The Holman Building was a great venue for Seattle University School of Law's Tacoma Celebration reception. Dean Clark announced that Dean Designate Mark Niles will be introduced to the South Sound alumni community at a future reception in Tacoma. Recent graduates Kevin Hastings '09, John Cummings '08 and Nathan Roberts '08.
Members of the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association, Young Lawyers Division Nathan Roberts '08, Brittany Carter '07 and Kevin Hastings '09. Nancy Norton '84 speaking with Professor Emeritus Bill Oltman and Professor John Weaver, two of the founding faculty members. Assistant Dean for Student Financial Services Kathleen Koch talks with Brianne Kampbell '03 and her guest.
Photos by Jennifer Richard



BLSA Alumni Awards – February 4, 2010


The Honorable Judith Hightower '83 speaking with Professor Marilyn Berger. Dan Gandara, the immediate past president of the King County Bar Association, is in the background. Sharon Sakamoto '84, Law Alumni Board member, hugs her long-time friend and honoree, Judge Hightower. Assistant Dean for Admissions Carol Cochran at right speaking with BLSA members Lauren Parris and Whitney Knox.
Honoree Jesse Wineberry '86 shares a laugh with friend Henrietta Price at the BLSA Alumni Awards Reception. Lauren Parris, vice president of BLSA, welcomes guests on behalf of the organization. Judge Hightower '83 accepting the BLSA Alumni Award.
Judge Richard Jones, U.S. District Court, introducing his friend, Jesse C. Wineberry '86. The Honorable Anita Crawford-Willis '86, in the background, was a co-presenter. Honoree Jesse C. Wineberry describing the significance of the 1981 photo, and it's caption, "Judges and Judges-to-be?". The honorees with BLSA students, from left: Nicole Tobin, Sarah Elerson, Alisia Ford, Judge Hightower, Jesse C. Wineberry, Jacqualyne Walker, Emmanuel Augustin, and James Johnson.
Photos by Jennifer Richard



New Year's Reception – January 27, 2010


Christine Santoni '09 joined Heath Eiler '06 and his partner Brenna Lee Holsher '09 at the New Year's Reception. John Bjorkman '83 talks with Scott O'Halloran '02, a member of the Law Alumni Board. Interim Dean Annette Clark '89 and Linda Strout '79, the immediate past-president of the Law Alumni Board, were honored for their service to Seattle University School of Law.
Law Alumni Board members M. Lorena Gonzalez '05 and Jennifer Shaw '84 share a laugh. Malabika Ghosh '08 and Amrita Srivastava '08. A distinguished group, from left - LAB member Willie Gregory '89, James Armstrong '00, President of the Loren Miller Bar Association, LAB members The Honorable Anita Crawford-Willis '86 and Craig Sims '97, and Wil Agyekum '00.
Frank Edmondson '80 and Vicki Grahn-Edmondson '04 share a moment with The Honorable Judith Hightower '83. Nyjat Rose '08 and Grace Weiner '08, a member of the Recent Alumni Committee. This honorary group is all smiles, from left - Grace Greenwich, director of alumni relations, Associate Dean Susan Ahearn, The Honorable Edsonya Charles, Professor Margaret Chon, The Honorable Kimi Kondo '77, and The Honorable Judith Hightower '83.
Photos by Eliza Truitt



Recent Alumni Committee’s “A Tasty Launch” – November 12, 2009


Brandy Schwartz ’08 and Casi Heintzman ‘08 enjoy wine tasting from Legoe Bay Winery. Meredith Wyman and Danielle Cross, both of the Class of 2009. Matt McManus, Melissa Chin ’08 and LAB member Craig Beetham ’89 pause their conversation for a photo.
Alumni colleagues from left, Monique Cohen ’09, Jamie Polito Johnston ’03, Joe Polito ’09 and Teebah Alsaleh ’09. Chris Wong ’08 and Mark Saku ’08, who both are providing leadership for the Recent Alumni Committee, with Christine Radocha ’06. Members of the Recent Alumni Committee celebrate at A Tasty Launch.  From left are Hillary Madsen ’08, Grace Wiener ’08, Justin Walsh ‘08, Melissa Chin ‘08, Chris Wong ‘08, David Keenan ’08 and Brian Considine ’07.
Photos by Jennifer Richard



Federal/State Swearing-In Ceremony in Tacoma – November 3, 2009


The Tacoma Swearing-In celebration was held at the historic Union Station courthouse. Chief Justice Gerry Alexander of the Washington Supreme Court presided over the ceremony. New members of the State Bar, including alumni of Seattle University School of Law, take the oath for State and Federal Court at a ceremony in Tacoma.
Sarah Cho ’09 celebrates with her family at the reception sponsored by the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association Young Lawyers Division and the Office of Alumni Relations. Amber Hardick ’09 is all smiles. Brittiny Carter ’07 organized the Swearing-In with help from other members of the Tacoma Pierce County Bar Association Young Lawyers Division.  From left are Russell Knight, Casey Arbenz, Brittiny, C. Tyler Shillito ’05 (2009 President of the TPCA YLD) and Nathan Roberts ‘08.
Photos by Jennifer Richard



Washington D.C. Alumni Regional Program – October 22, 2009


Roxanne Fuller ’00 provided a warm welcome at the launch of the DC Regional Alumni Chapter. Kevin Harnisch ’95 talks with Jeff Farrah ’07 and Seth Cooper ’03. Tiffany Tull ’00, left, talks with Megan McCloskey, friend of the law school who works with the Equal Justice Alliance Group in D.C.
Alumni Paula Wood ‘08, Jessica Barkas Threet 05, Derek Threet ‘05 and Joe Gordon ’08. Director of Alumni Relations Grace Greenwich responds to Julie Massie ’93 with laughter while Kim Evans ’09 looks on. Students in Washington D.C. to attend the Equal Justice Conference were warmly welcomed at the Alumni Regional Program.  From left are:  Grace Greenwich, Stacey Lara-Kerr, associate director of the Center for Professional Development, Javier Dominguez, Nathan Garcia, Interim Dean Annette Clark, Emily Gause, Jaspreet Chowdhary, Morgan Powell, Anne Powell, Jeni Garber, Naomi Strand, Andra Kranzler, Yair Inspektor, and Shawn Lipton, assistant dean for the Center for Professional Development.
Photos by Jennifer Richard



Red Mass – October 7, 2009


Professor Lisa Brodoff and The Honorable Joan Tierney ’01 warmly greet one another in Sullivan Hall as they prepare to join the procession. Dean Annette Clark, Class of 1989, at the front of the procession.  Behind her from the left are Mary Petersen, Vice President and University Counsel, John Eshelman, Professor of Economics and Provost Emeritus, and Tim Leary, Executive Vice President of Seattle University. Dean Clark and Provost Isaiah Crawford lead members of the judiciary and the faculty to St. Ignatius Chapel.
Members of the judiciary process into St. Ignatius Chapel for Red Mass. University President Steven Sundborg, S.J. presides over Red Mass at St. Ignatius Chapel. King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg greets President Stephen Sundborg, S.J., after the Mass. Fr. Case, the Jesuit assistant to the law school, and Andrew Prazuch, executive director of the King County Bar Foundation, are at left.
Grace Wiener ’08 and Nicole Weston ’03, both at the King County Prosecutor’s Office, joined the Red Mass reception and celebration of the late Norm Maleng. Fr. Frank Case speaks with Grace Greenwich, director of alumni relations, at the reception in Sullivan Hall following Red Mass. Professor from Practice John McKay, Mike McKay, Mark Maleng, Judy Maleng, Dean Clark and Fr. Sundborg gathered together as the evening’s Red Mass Celebration concluded.
Photos by Jennifer Richard



Mentor/Mentee Reception – September 29, 2009


Katie Long ’06 listens to her mentee; Gwynna Biggers Norman ’06 talks with Bill Powell in the background. Jennifer Shaw ’94, a member of the Law Alumni Board, with her mentee Lucie Bernheim. Networking at the Mentor/Mentee Reception.
Brian Considine ’07, chair of the Recent Alumni Committee, talks with student Travis Dailey after making program remarks. David Keenan ’08, member of the Recent Alumni Committee. James Pirtle ’05 surprises two students with his “Salsa” story.
Photos by Jennifer Richard



Job Strategies Workshop – August 29, 2009


Lucinda Dunlap ’05.  In the background is Megan Gebhardt ’06, co-organizer of the workshop, and Peter Roberts, Practice Management Advisor with the Washington State Bar Association. During a workshop break, Katherine White ’09 shares a laugh with fellow members of the Class of 2009. Melissa Chin ’08, member of the Recent Alumni Committee and co-chair of its Program Development subcommittee, talks with workshop participants.
Jenni Volk ’04 participated in a panel discussion about solo practitioners and small firms as part of the Job Strategies Workshop program. Christopher Cutting ’09 and Pete Hapeman ’08 seize an opportunity to chat at the workshop. Sunshine Eversull ’09 chats with a colleague during the networking reception.
Photos by Jennifer Richard


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