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Anita Crawford-Willis
Photo Courtesy of Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau

Reaching Out to Alumni: One Region at a Time

Developed for alumni across the country, the Regional Alumni Relations Program continues to be one of our most exciting recent initiatives. The program offers distinguished speakers, events and social gatherings for alumni in your area.  The program also provides alumni with an opportunity to connect and network with other alumni. 

The Office of Alumni Relations collaborated with the Alaskan Bar Association to host a luncheon and CLE for more than 300 alumni and legal professionals at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage, Alaska.  The CLE, titled “You Want Fries With That?” was taught by Professor John Strait and Alaska Bar Counsel Steve van Goor.  The CLE was designed to provide newly required credit in ethics.

The office also hosted a dinner with Dean Testy, providing alumni with a close-up look at the law school's mission, vision and connection to the legal community. It was also our opportunity to say thank you to our alumni who continually support the initiatives of the school. 

Several members of our faculty and administration were in Alaska, teaching and participating in the Seattle University School of Law Study Law in Alaska and Color of Justice programs. The Study Law in Alaska program runs for a 6-week shortened semester, and is administered by one of our own, Stephanie Nichols ’06.  The Color of Justice program gives minority high school and college students an opportunity to explore the legal profession. It provides an understanding of the law school admissions process and connects students with mentors across the country.

The law school looks forward to returning to Alaska to connect with our alumni!

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