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Benefits for our Alumni

Enhancing Benefits for Alumni:  Center for Professional Development Transitions to Symplicity

The Center for Professional Development (CPD) at the Seattle University School of Law has adopted a new program to house our job board. This program, called Symplicity, has replaced eAttorney as a means of managing the job postings that come through this office. We hope Symplicity will allow for greater and easier access to job information for our graduates.
To access Symplicity, please go to and register. You will only need to register once, and upon completion of the process, you will be emailed a password. Upon receipt of this information, you may access the system.

Some tips on using the Job Search function:

  • Clicking on the Jobs tab will bring up a list of the current job postings. This list will show the Job Title, Employer, Location, Posting Date, and Deadline Date. Clicking on any of these categories will re-arrange the list accordingly.
  • Clicking on the individual Job Title will bring up details about the specific position. These details will include information about the employer, job description, and application materials and instructions. This tab also allows you to perform a basic search of the current positions.
  • The Advanced Search tab allows you to perform a more in-depth search of the current positions, based upon a variety of categories. ***Be sure to click “Clear” to wipe the search fields clean before starting a new search.

***NOTE: When using the search functions, please bear in mind that a job posting may not contain all of the searchable information. For example, an employer might choose to not complete sections pertaining to Practice Areas. You may need to complete several different searches in order to find the most comprehensive list of positions that satisfy your requirements.

  • You can save your search parameters as Search Agents. This will allow you to save your searches, or to set up the system to automatically run searches (every day, every week, etc) and email you with the results. You can also add jobs to a Favorites list, making them easier to find later.
  • Should an employer choose to accumulate application materials online, you can then upload the requested documents and apply electronically. It is likely that the majority of employers will still prefer to receive materials via email or postal service, but this system presents a new option.

Symplicity has Help sections and video tutorials to assist you in getting acclimated to the system, and to try to answer any questions that you may have. If you are unable to find answers in either of these places, please contact CPD at for assistance.

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