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Becoming Engaged in the Life of Your Law School

As members of a diverse and vibrant alumni community, we hope you will become engaged in shaping the law school's present and future by contributing and getting involved in the life of your school.

There are many other ways to maintain a connection with the school:

  • Public Interest Law Alumni Committee. The Office of Alumni Relations is working with alumni to form a committee focused on providing programs in the area of public interest. The committee also will support public interest programs on campus, including the annual PILF auction that raises money for summer grants awarded to students who intern in the field of public interest.
  • Regional Alumni Relations Program. For those of you who can't make it back to campus, Seattle University School of Law is coming to you. The Office of Alumni Relations is pleased to offer exciting programs, distinguished speakers, social gatherings and events, to keep you connected to alumni in your area and your alma mater. Watch for e-mails about upcoming events in your area.
  • Law Library Archives Project. As the school prepares to celebrate a milestone in its history, the Law Library is taking advantage of the 35th anniversary to institute an archive that documents the history of the law school. To get things rolling, the library is seeking donations of historical material from all members of the law school community, especially alumni. If you have any memorabilia stored in the basement or tucked in the attic, the library would like to see it. Who knows? There might be gems such as photographs from days and buildings gone by, early issues of the Prolific Reporter, minutes of the SBA or other student organization meetings, or, an early version of the Student Handbook. Bob Menanteaux, who joined the Law School in 1978, is leading the archive project. He can be reached at: (206) 398-4160 or


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