Telephone Conferencing

In Classrooms

Each of our classrooms, in Sullivan Hall and the Law School Annex, are now setup with an embedded telephone conferencing system. This works with our classroom sound systems, allowing a classroom of students and speakers to have a two-way conversation with other parties connected by phone. Long distance charges and 1-800 charges may apply.

Note: All calls must be initiated from the classroom (unless you are using a conferencing service).  Please bring your conference number, conference code, and leader PIN. While IT can setup the call for you, we will not know which numbers to dial - unless you provide them to us.

To schedule assistance in setting up classroom-based telephone conference calls, please make arrangements through your administrative assistant, Event Administration, Student Life, or fill out a  Telephone Conference Request Form directly yourself.

In Offices

Each office phone comes equipped with speaker phone functionality. Therefore, if you are by yourself, or even with one or two other people, you will not need the services of any specialized conferencing phones.

For questions on how to use these features, contact the Help Desk / Computing Services as they have more interactions with the campus phone system network than Media Services.

In Small Conference Rooms

Small groups inside conference rooms (431, 435, and the Dean's Conference Room) may benefit from the use of our new VOIP-based portable speaker phones. To request one of these speaker phones to be setup for a conference, fill out our Telephone Conference Request Form.

Note: The clinic conference room, and the Sullivan 121 conference room, are both equipped with classroom-based conferencing systems connected to the room sound system.