Setup Assistance

Media Services can assist classes and events with a myraid of equipment setups. To schedule setup assistance, fill out our Setup Assistance Request Form.

Classroom Technology Training and/or Assistance

Feel free to schedule Media Services staff to come to your classroom to help you setup any audio-visual need you have. While we don't have the resources to attend every class throughout the semester, we are more than happy to help you learn how to use existing equipment the first few times you need it.

Before you Arrive 

Click here for:Details about using laptops for presentations.

Microphone Setup

Though the majority of our classrooms are equipped with fixed podium and wireless clip-on microphones, special events (like panel discussions and mock trials) may require additional equipment. Several rooms have additional microphone connections we can setup the following for:

  • Table Microphones for panel discussions (C1, C5, C6, Courtroom, 2nd Floor Gallery, LSAX 142 & 143)
  • Podium Microphone (Courtroom, 2nd Floor Gallery, LSAX Multipurpose Room)
  • Sound System (microphones can be setup wherever the sound system is setup)

For a list of what classrooms have pre-installed microphones, check out Classroom Technology page.

DVD Playback

There are no DVD players in our classrooms, therefore you will need to use a laptop with a disc drive for this purpose. If you do not have one already, you can fill out a Setup Assistance Request Form to request one be setup for you (faculty issued school laptops are required to use their own).

VHS Playback

There are no VHS players in our classrooms. However, if you are unable to find digital versions of your videos online, you can fill out a Setup Assistance Request Form and request that one be setup for you. This requires advance notice.

Laptop Setup

Regular faculty and directors are required to use their law school issued laptops for use in classrooms. Indivduals using their own devices will need to provide their own VGA adapters. Due to their expense, laptops are only available for classroom setup for visiting guest speakers and symposium/conference presentations.

Sound System Setup (Portable Speakers)

A portable Sound System can be setup on the Court Level or in the outside courtyard. These setups, require advance, prior approval, and will need to be setup several hours early in order to complete audio tests.

Checkout Equipment

Other types of equipment may be available for personal use. To see a list of what is available for checkout reservation, click here.