Recording Policies

The following policies apply to requests submitted via the recording request form.

  • The quality of recorded content will never exceed 720p and will likely be lower. If higher resolution is needed, please enquire about special arrangements.

  • The Media Services department has a minimum of two business days for recordings to be processed and distributed.

  • We can record up to two and a half hours at a time.  Any events that run longer will be treated as multiple recordings subject to an increased processing/turnaround time.  Additionally, there may be a break in coverage while the equipment is reset; we will do our best to coincide this with a break in the program, but we cannot know when breaks are scheduled unless we are given that information.  

  • School policy prevents classes from being recorded during regular class periods due to student absence.  This service is only for rescheduled classes to make lectures available to those who are unable to attend due to the time change.

  • Faculty promotion review, contract renewal, and candidate videos will be kept for one year after the recording date.  Rescheduled class makeup videos will be kept until one week after the end of the semester of the course.  Please use the additional notes section on the request form if an exception to these policies is needed.

  • Requests to record speakers who do not work for or attend Seattle University will be cancelled if we do not receive the talent release forms at least ten minutes before the scheduled start time.  It is entirely the requestor's responsibility to download, print, and turn in the forms.

  • Requests submitted without a full five business days' notice may be cancelled at the discretion of the Media Services department.

  • Requests must come from a member of the faculty or staff.