Dell Laptop Purchase Program

Dell Laptop Purchase Program

The goal of the laptop purchase program is to provide students with a quality machine, and the best possible support at a reasonable price. To accomplish this, and ensure that students get the most out of the technology offered by the School of Law, the Technology Department has formed a strategic partnership with Dell Computer Corporation. Dell is the primary supplier of laptop computers for faculty, staff and students. Nearly 80% of new laptops purchased by incoming students last year were purchased through the Dell purchase program. The School of Law does not profit from its participation in this program.

What You Gain from the Program

Law school can be tough on a laptop. Daily abuse wreaks havoc on delicate electronic devices--i.e., sandwiching a laptop between books; repeatedly opening and closing it; and dropping it. With this in mind, Dell offers a business-grade machine through the purchase program–the Latitude D series. Students should always treat laptops with care, but machines like the Latitude are designed for harsher wear-and-tear, and are more likely to continue serving a student for years to come.

The Technology Department is also a Dell-certified service center, able to repair and replace warrantied computer parts without a service charge to students. Since students rely on laptops for note-taking, research, writing and exam-taking, servicing laptops on-site is more advantageous than shipping them back to the manufacturer for repair. Furthermore, through the Dell purchase program, students enjoy a substantial savings beyond already-discounted educational pricing without sacrificing quality or functionality. The standard features for a Dell laptop configured for the School of Law include:

  • Ethernet and Wireless Networking
  • Windows 10
  • 4 GB of RAM or more
  • Option to purchase "3 Year Parts and Labor Next-day Onsite Warranty with Complete Care"

If You Don’t Use Our Purchase Program

To ensure access to technology, all portable computers must meet the School of Law's Laptop Requirements, regardless of brand. The Technology Department goes to every reasonable effort to support all brands of PC laptops. While unable to perform warranty repair work on systems outside of our purchase programs, Technology staff are committed to helping all students with their computer needs as completely as possible.

Additional Information

For financial assistance in purchasing a laptop, look into the financial aid options for incoming students. To learn about the School of Law's connectivity, and how to verify compatibility with our system, read about connecting to the network.