Loan Forgiveness

Money Matter$ provides links to sites that provide information on loan forgiveness programs, both federal and schoolbased.

FedLoan Servicing - This is the Department of Education's sole servicer for the federal Public Interest Loan Forgiveness Program. Get forms, manage your account, make a payment, figure out a budget and more.

Loan Repayment Assistance Program - This site provides information on Seattle University School of Law's Loan Repayment Assistance Program, which is geared toward Seattle University School of Law graduates who are licensed attorneys working in public interest.

Public Interest Loan Forgiveness - Equal Justice Works provides comprehensive information on the public interest loan forgiveness program. Learn about which loans are eligible on this program, as well as what are considered qualifying employment and loan payments.  The Department of Education's site provides extensive information as well as the necessary forms.

Perkins Cancellation - Campus Partners, the servicer of Perkins loans for borrowers while attending Seattle University School of Law, provides an explanation on Perkins Loan cancellation options.

Student Loan Expert - Check out this site for excellent information on the Income Based Repayment Plan and federal Public Interest Loan Forgiveness program, plus webinars.

Seattle University School of Law provides these links as a courtesy to its students. These sites are not endorsed by Seattle University. Some of these sites require personal information. We urge you to use your discretion and be careful when disclosing this type of information. We encourage you to explore your options using various resources so that you can make well informed decisions about your current and future finances.