Financial Literacy Basics

These sites provide building blocks to understand what financial literacy is and its relevance to your life. The significance of budgeting, the relevance of credit scores and general information useful for borrowers can be found within the links below.

Financial Awareness Basics - Targets the importance of reviewing your credit report and how to access this information, from Educational Credit Management Corporation.

Mapping Your Future - This is a free resource for career, college, financial aid, and money management information.

360 Financial Literacy - By using the Life Stage navigation bar, you will be directed to financial topics most relevant to your stage of your life.

Basics for Borrowers - This site, managed by Access Group, provides useful information for those with student loans.

Money Management 601 - TG (a national guarantor of student loans) offers an online course geared toward students.  The course will help you develop money management knowledge and skills to help ensure a good future.

Seattle University School of Law provides these links as a courtesy to its students. These sites are not endorsed by Seattle University. Some of these sites require personal information. We urge you to use your discretion and be careful when disclosing this type of information. We encourage you to explore your options using various resources so that you can make well informed decisions about your current and future finances.