Hire Process

Steps to Complete Hire Paperwork


You will need proof of identify and proof of employment authorization in order to proceed. Please review the list of acceptable documentation HERE
 and have it available.
2. Complete the following documents before your meeting:
  • New Hire Packet (contains Direct Deposit Form, and Student Employee Agreement Form)

  • Form I-9: Complete and sign only page 1

  • Form W-4: Complete at least steps 1 and 5 of the W-4 form


We will review and verify your documentation online via ZOOM. The appointment will take 15 minutes or less. Please email lawfa@seattleu.edu with your available meeting times. Within 48 hours of your email, you will get a meeting invite email with ZOOM link from someone in our office.

4. No later than 24 hours after your ZOOM meeting you will need to scan and submit the following to lawfa@seattleu.edu:
  • A signed and completed Page 1 of form I-9

  •  A signed and completed Form W-4

  •  A completed New Hire Packet

5. We will review and follow up with any questions. Your prompt attention is required to resolve any issues.

Once we have reviewed your submission, we will then process it through our office and submit to Payroll for review & web time entry setup. This process should take approximately 3 weeks.

ATTENTION: You MUST present the same original documentation in person to SFS in the administrative suites in Sullivan Hall within 3 days of SU resuming normal on-site business. This is mandatory.