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Staver Law Group

Personal Injury Scholarship

December 1, 2018


300 to 500 word essay regarding the role of personal injury lawyers

Newsom Melton

Student Leadership Scholarship

December 15, 2018

(for Spring 2019)


500 to 1000 word essay on the topic of leadership (topic choices listed on scholarship page); offered twice a year

Emery Reddy

Legal Studies Scholarship

December 20, 2018


500 word essay on why you are interested in the study of law

The Expert Institute

Legal Writing Scholarship

December 31, 2018


1500 to 2500 word blog-style article on the use of expert witnesses in litigation


Artificial Intelligence and Technology Scholarship

December 31, 2018


700 to 1000 word essay on a selected topic; applicable for tech-minded students with an interest in practicing IP/patent law

Kristopher K. Green & Associates

College Scholarship

January 28, 2019


500 to 1000 word essay: "What do you think the field of family and divorce law will be like in the next 10 years?"

Christensen Law Firm

DC Law Scholarship

January 31, 2019


500 to 600 word essay: "What is today's biggest threat to our right to a civil jury trial?"

Brauns Law, PC

Scholarship Contest

February 28, 2019


600 word essay on how you overcome certain obstacles in your life

Alaska Bar Association

Law School Scholarships

March 1, 2019


For 1Ls and 2Ls who demonstrates ties to Alaska and an intent to return to Alaska within two years of graduation

Gainsberg Law PC

Annual Scholarship Award

April 1, 2019


1000 word essay on why you are interested in the law; two recommendation letters

American Indian College Fund

May 31 annually


Educational scholarships for American Indian/Alaska Native undergraduate and graduate students attending tribal colleges and public or private/non-profit colleges

Silverman, McDonald & Friedman

Educational Scholarship

June 2019


500 word essay about what the civil justice systems mean to you

Moses & Rooth Attorneys at Law

2019 Legal Scholarship

June 1, 2019


300 to 600 word essay: "Should people be allowed to warn motorists about DUI checkpoints in America?"

Scrofano Law PC

Aspiring Public Defender Scholarship

June 1 annually


500 to 700 word essay: "How can you defend people you know are guilty?"

Other eligibility criteria apply (see scholarship page)

Cunningham & Mears

Academic Scholarship

June 15, 2019


1000 word essay on why you chose to study law; a recommendation letter

George Sink, P.A.

Veterans and Military Family Scholarship

June 15, 2019


500 to 1000 word essay on a selected topic; open to active duty service member, a veteran, or a spouse or child of an active duty or retired service member; offered twice a year

Levoritz Law Firm

Scholarship 2019

June 30, 2019


A creative infographic (pdf), informational video (YouTube link) or essay (.doc) on specified family law topics (or topic of choice -- see page for details)

Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law

Civil Justice Scholarship

June 30, 2019


1000 word essay on the injured plaintiff's right to be compensated through litigation or mediation; a recommendation letter

Paulson & Nace, PLLC

The Barry J. Nace "Pursuit of Justice" Scholarship

June 30, 2019


300 word essay on what drives your pursuit for civil justice


Students of Color Scholarship Fund



Search for need or merit based scholarships; eligibility requirements vary

International Scholarships



Scholarships for international students

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